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Chapter 17


                  Êlenrana waited beside Arwen out in the gardens.  Aragorn was slow in coming as if heavily burdened.  Arwen reached out her hand to him.

                  “ What is it?” she asked.

                  “ I will be leaving again,” Aragorn answered.

                  “ You will go to Mordor,” Arwen sighed.

Aragorn gently tipped up her chin.

                  “ Keep that head up, Nightingale.  I’ll be back before you even know I am gone,” Aragorn whispered.

Glorfindel slowly approached them, his walk slow also as he spoke seriously to a blonde haired Elf.

                  “ Êlenrana, this is Legolas, son of Thranduil.  Legolas, my wife,” Glorfindel introduced.

                  Êlenrana smiled politely, her eyes staring at Glorfindel questioningly.

                  “ He will be the only Elf on the trip,” Glorfindel replied with a slight smile.

A sigh released from her lips was louder than expected.

                  “ When will you leave?” Arwen asked.

                  “ A week, a month, when Elrond bids,” Aragorn answered.

                  “ A month,” Êlenrana said softly.

                  “ A month,” Aragorn amended quickly, “ Nana Êlenrana has a way of knowing the times.”

                  “ And tis time for you to get your scrawny hide off to Elrohir and Elladan.  They wait for you,” Êlenrana smiled softly.

Aragorn took Arwen’s hand to walk off.  Legolas bid them a short goodbye and left them to be.

                  Glorfindel took her hand, as they walked through all their memories.  It had been so long since they had been alone.  Her head dipped onto her shoulder.

                  “ I am relieved you will not fight in this war,” she said.

                  “ Are you now?  And I am glad I am not either, Love,” Glorfindel chuckled, “ Gil-galad would be aghast hearing me say that.  I was always the one to be reckless in war.”

                  “ I saw,” Êlenrana replied.

                  “ I wish he were here.  Just like Elrond, I miss him,” Glorfindel sighed.

                  “ You will see him one day.  Elrond will leave soon to go over the Sea and at that time, you will have the choice to leave also,” Êlenrana replied.

                  Glorfindel looked down at her and into her eyes.  His hand intertwined with her fingers gently kissing her knuckles.  The light of their love lit Êlenrana’s eyes, mirroring from his.

                  “ I will go with you, and only you,” he whispered.


                  Aragorn surveyed the devastation from the city tower.  He then turned his eyes back to the pale Éowyn. 

                  “ It has come to pass,” Gandalf laid his hand upon Aragorn’s shoulder, “ Frodo has destroyed the Ring.”

And Aragorn sighed with relief as the darkness began to finally crumble.


                  Elrond slowly took Arwen’s hand.  He paused, glancing at Glorfindel.  Glorfindel gently nodded, sending Elrond an almost stern look.  Elrond took Arwen’s hand and painstakingly placed it into Aragorn’s hand.  Arwen kissed Elrond’s cheek, tears falling down her face.

                  “ Take care of her, Estel,” Elrond said softly.

Aragorn nodded, leading her away, towards the top of the stairs where the ceremony would take place.

                  Glorfindel gently clenched Elrond’s shoulder.

                  “ She will be fine,” Glorfindel whispered.

                  “ I know, but I love her,” Elrond replied.

                  “ All children are blessings, but even blessings must go their own way,” Êlenrana said gently.

                  “ So now you’re all cheerful again.  Let me be, princess of stars,” Elrond replied with a smile.

                  “ Yes, Master Elrond,” Êlenrana took Glorfindel’s hand.

Glorfindel gave her hand a gentle squeeze and there under the stars, they watched the 3rd union of an Eldar and Atani.

September 29, 3021

                  “You will not come?” Elrond asked.

They stood at the Gray Harbor docks beside Gandalf, Bilbo, Frodo, Sam and Galadriel.

                  “ No, you know my fate, but you must tell Nienna hello for me and that soon I will return home,” Êlenrana replied.

                  “ I will be sure to see her,” Elrond’s lips lifted in mirth, then died as he glanced at Glorfindel, “ Will you come now?”

                  Glorfindel hesitated in his answer.  He looked down at Êlenrana, who met his eyes.

* Tis your choice, Herven.  I will understand.

                  “ No, I will remain.  My place is here.  Watch Imuialion well until we arrive,” Glorfindel answered, glancing at his son who spoke with Círdan.

Elrond nodded.

                  Êlenrana looked up at Gandalf.

                  “ Be sure to tell Nienna hi for me.  Elrond will forget once he sees Gil-galad and I want her to know I still miss her.  Have a safe trip, Olórin,” she gave him a hug.

                  “ Her halls will sing with joy for once when she hears the news,” Gandalf replied with a smile.

The company boarded, and the ship exited into the mists.

                  Êlenrana looked up at her husband.

                  “ You would have loved Aman,” she said.

                  “ I will not leave you here all alone,” Glorfindel replied.

A distressed Arwen ran by them towards the docks.  Aragorn slowly descended after her.

                  “ They are gone,” he sighed, seeing them.

                  “ Aye,” Glorfindel replied.

                  Arwen returned, tears in her eyes.

                  “ I never got to say goodbye,” she whispered.

                  “ He knows, child, he knows,” Glorfindel gently put an arm around her like he had when she was a child.

Arwen sadly turned away from the Havens and neither her nor Aragorn returned to them.


                  Glorfindel watched Círdan’s ship sail away.  They had chosen to take their own boat across the Sea.  Êlenrana took his hand with a smile.  The mists kissed their faces gently as they passed through them.  Gradually, the sound of singing came into their ears. 

                  “ We are almost there,” Êlenrana smiled up at him.

Glorfindel laid a gentle kiss on her lips as the fog gave way to the paradise that laid beyond the reaches of the world and the door to the heaven of the Elves was shut forever.


The End!! (at least for now!)