Chapter 11- Year 1100


                  “ Glorfindel, Glorfindel,” Elrohir’s pounding feet heralded his coming before his voice did.

Glorfindel turned from inspecting his long unused sword and bow.  The Elf slid past the doorway and then reappeared.

                  “ Father is allowing us to go with you to Mirkwood,” Elrohir said.

                  Elladan appeared, his face shining with excitement.  Elrond came in last of all.

                  “ If it is ok with you, of course, Glorfindel,” Elrond said.

                  “ If you believe they are ready, then they are welcome,” Glorfindel lobbed the choice back at Elrond.

                  “ Can we, Father?” Elladan asked, his usually calm voice full of excitement.

                  “ No,” a little voice answered.

                  Little Arwen ran in, about the age of 6 in looks, though the centuries since her birth told otherwise.  She lifted her hands to Glorfindel who in turn picked her up.

                  “ Glorfindel no go.  He stay with me,” Arwen finished.

Êlenrana appeared, a smile on her face as she said something to Celebrian.

                  “ You 2 may go,” Elrond nodded, “ One of the Istarí will go also.”

Elrond motioned for Glorfindel to come.

                  2 tall aged men, one with a long gray beard and hair almost matching his robe and another with white hair and robes stood in Elrond’s private study.

                  “ Glorfindel, this is Mithrandir and Curunir,” Elrond explained.

Glorfindel bowed slightly, not understanding fully their place at Imladris.  Êlenrana entered and froze.

                  “ Lady Êlenrana, tis good to see you again.  You father spoke that you resided in Middle-Earth, but we knew not that you were her in Imladris,” the elder, Curunir said.

                  Êlenrana smiled faintly, holding her arms out to Arwen who came easily from Glorfindel’s arms.

                  “ Tis good to see the wise Istarí again,” Êlenrana replied, “ The time must have advanced far faster than I knew if you were sent.”

                  “ Mithrandir will travel with your, Glorfindel,” Elrond said.

                  “ Travel?” Êlenrana sent Glorfindel an inquiring glance.

                  “ We will talk later,” Glorfindel murmerred.

Êlenrana nodded.

                  “ I will look forward to journeying with you, Mithrandir,” Glorfindel said, before following Êlenrana out.


                  “ Why are you leaving?” Êlenrana asked.

                  “ Dol Guldur may be an evil stronghold.  They want me to scout it out,” Glorfindel answered.

                  “ You cannot go,” Êlenrana replied.

                  “ Pray tell, why not?” Glorfindel asked.

                  “ Tis against the rules of the Eldar for a husband to leave his wife with a child on the way,” Êlenrana answered.

                  “ What?” Glorfindel’s head snapped around.

                  “ Tis against-” Êlenrana began to repeat.

                  Glorfindel swung her up in his arms.

                  “ How long have you kept this from me?” he asked.

                  “ A few nights.  Celebrian helped me figure it out today fully,” Êlenrana answered.

Glorfindel rested his chin on her head with a contented sigh.  He looked down at her, placing a hand on her flat abdomen.

                  “ I would have still loved you, even if you had never bore a child,” Glorfindel answered her unasked question softly, “ I did not marry you just because I wanted a family.  I love you, Êlenrana.  Now and always.”

Êlenrana gave him a gentle kiss.  Glorfindel simply pulled her close, their happiness reflecting off one another like mirrors.


                  Elrond sat in his study writing when Glorfindel entered, sitting in a chair across from Elrond.

                  “ Should you not be packing?” Elrond asked, not even glancing up.

                  “ I’m not going,” Glorfindel answered.

Elrond’s head shot up.

                  “ Oh yes you are.  My son’s are going,” Elrond replied.

                  “ No, I’m not,” Glorfindel repeated.

                  “ And why not?” Elrond crossed his arms.

                  “ Tis against the law for me to leave,” Glorfindel answered with a grin.

                  “ What law?” Elrond still hadn’t caught on.

                  “ The one that states no husband shall leave his wife during the bearing of a child,” Glorfindel replied.

                  Elrond’s jaw just dropped.

                  “ Êlenrana is…” Elrond trailed off.

Glorfindel nodded.

                  “ It’s about time,” Elrond grinned, with a nod, “ You are released from the trip.  I will send them with Mithrandir alone.”

                  “ Thank you,” Glorfindel rose.

Elrond leaned back in his chair, his eyes weary, yet joyful because of the news.  Peace had ended.  He hoped this child would not be born in times worse than what haunted them already.


                  Elladan and Elrohir swung up, seeing Glorfindel approaching.  Both exchanged curious glances.  The lord was not dressed for the long journey ahead.

                  “ I am not coming,” Glorfindel said softly, “ I expect you 2 to listen to Mithrandir.”

Both nodded as their father approached.

                  “ I wish you 2 well.  Listen to Mithrandir and do not make me regret sending you without Glorfindel,” Elrond said.

A grin broke out on Elrohir’s face as he pushed his horse after Mithrandir’s.

                  “ They did not ask,” Elrond said.

                  “ They do not suspect,” Glorfindel replied.


                  Celebrian walked along the long hallways with Arwen.  The girl chattered on, while Celebrian’s worried eyes stared out the windows.  The fighting at Dol Guldur had continued.  Elrond had sent backup, but had they arrived in time?  Her eyes traveled down to where Glorfindel sat with Êlenrana.  He brushed her hair softly, talking to her and receiving smiles.

                  Celebrian smiled.  She’d watched the already loving couple seem to triple in the amount of love they shared.  Glorfindel was always there with Êlenrana, even when the woman walked the halls restlessly at nights.  Many a times, the 2 would enter with Glorfindel half-asleep during breakfast.  The time was drawing near, Celebrian noted, eying Êlenrana’s ample tummy.  Elrond walked out, communicating with Glorfindel.  Glorfindel’s posture held worry as he kissed Êlenrana’s cheek before following.

                  “ Mother,” Elrohir swept her up.

                  Celebrian smiled, tears coming to her eyes, as she looked him over.  She embraced him, grime and all, something not accustom to the pristine lady.

                  “ You are fine?” she asked, watching him pick up Arwen.

                  “ Elladan was hit by an arrow in his shoulder.  Mithrandir patched it up well, but urged for Elrond to check it,” Elrohir admitted.

Celebrian rushed towards the healing house.


                  “ How is Elladan?” Êlenrana asked, slipping into a chair beside Celebrian in the outer room.

                  “ He is fine,” Celebrian answered, “ They are rewrapping his shoulder.  Mithrandir did a good job of caring for it.”

                  “ He is well learned in everything,” Êlenrana replied.

                  “ And how are you?” Celebrian asked, “ The time is near.”

                  “ Excited.  I think Glorfindel’s ready to disown me because he never gets to sleep,” Êlenrana laughed.

                  Elrohir walked in with Arwen.  His jaw just dropped when he surveyed Êlenrana’s condition.

                  “ So this is why Glorfindel could not come,” he said, “ For this reason, I am glad.”

                  “ So am I,” Glorfindel collapsed in the chair beside Êlenrana.

Arwen promptly jumped into his lap, already tugging at his necklace.  Elladan exited, his shoulder bound against his bare skin under his undone shirt.

                  “ He is fine,” Elrond reassured them, mostly Celebrian.

                  “ Good,” Celebrian sighed in relief.

Elrond motioned for Glorfindel to come with him.  Glorfindel set down Arwen, sending Êlenrana an apologetic glance before following.


                  The next morning, after breakfast, Glorfindel absently stared at the passage in the book Elrond had set before him.  Elrond watched in amusement.

                  “ Glorfindel, twould be more believable to me that you are reading that if the book was not upside down,” Elrond said.

                  “ My mind wanders,” Glorfindel shrugged, turning it the right way.

                  “ As does Elrohir’s.  He is cheerful, but to be this cheerful, something is up.  I have a vague notion it has to do with a maiden,” Elrond sighed.

                  Elrohir had grown into a handsome Elf.  He was unlike the other Elves, since he was not as solemn as most and his hair was not dark, nor gold, but a mix of the two.  Elrond had caught many young maidens watching his son, but knew not that his son had begun to notice them.  Footsteps ran in with Elladan.

                  “ Boy, did I not tell you to not aggravate that arm?” Elrond stood, almost worriedly.

                  “ Mother…Êlenrana…fetch…you,” Elladan said between breaths, having run from the other side of the rather large homely house.

                  “ Go ahead, Elrond.  I’ll try to do the paperwork,” Glorfindel said absently.

                  “ Tis your child to be born if I am right,” Elrond sent Elladan a questioning glance.

The young Elf nodded, straightening.  Glorfindel quickly rose following Elrond.


                  Elrond watched Glorfindel sit silently in the outer waiting room as the lord had done twice before with Elrond’s children.  Glorfindel’s eyes were fixed on the door, but he seemed peaceful and relaxed.  Elrond knew it was just a trick used in war so that the enemy did not pick up the fear or nervousness, but Elrond wished this one time, Glorfindel would show his emotion.  Elrond was nervous himself and it wasn’t even his child.

                  “ Why won’t they let me in there?” Glorfindel asked.

                  The lord was more worried to lose his wife than the child.

                  “ Tis a woman thing.  They do not let the men inside during the birthing,” Elrond shrugged.

                  “ Glorfindel,” Varda rushed into the room.

                  Glorfindel rose to give his mother-in-law a hug.  Êlenrana’s parents had been staying there for the last month.

                  “ They have been in there for a while now,” Glorfindel said.

                  “ I will be back,” Varda replied.

Manwë entered, causing Glorfindel to straighten again.

                  “ Sit, rest.  Twill be your last for a while,” Manwë bid.

                  “ Glorfindel,” Celebrian stood in the doorway, “ Come here.”

                  Glorfindel slowly rose again and entered, not knowing what to expect.  Êlenrana laid there, so peaceful, her eyes attached to the bundle she held.  Everyone cleared out as Glorfindel approached.  Celebrian closed the door behind her with a smile.

                  “ Ele?” Glorfindel said softly.

                  “ Come here,” Êlenrana whispered, “ She is asleep.”

                  “ She?” Glorfindel grinned.

A little girl of his own to spoil.  He’s practiced on Arwen, but with one of his own flesh and blood…  He bent beside the bed.

                  She had beautiful blonde curls and shared an even amount of her parent’s features.  Even now it was obvious she would be beautiful.

                  “ She’s beautiful, Ele,” Glorfindel gently kissed his wife.

                  “ Here, hold her,” Êlenrana carefully laid the girl in Glorfindel’s arms.

                  Êlenrana watched him stand as she sat up.  His face was that of one in awe.  He looked down at her with misty eyes.

                  “ She will be just like you,” he whispered.

                  “ What will you name her?” Êlenrana asked.

The girl’s pink mouth opened giving a contented sigh.

                  “ Annalin,” Glorfindel answered.

                  “ Gift of song.  With a name like that, she best have a beautiful voice,” Êlenrana replied.

Glorfindel sat beside her.

                  “ If she is anything like her mother, she will,” he gave her a gentle kiss, cradling the child proudly.

                  Elladan and Elrohir were talking in excited murmurs when Glorfindel finally exited.  The twins fought over who would get to see the baby first.  Glorfindel let Manwë take the baby.

                  “ What is her name?” Elrohir asked.

                  “ Annalin,” Glorfindel answered.

Arwen reached out her hands for Glorfindel to pick her up.  He swung her up so she could see the baby.

                  Laes (baby),” Arwen said.

Glorfindel nodded.

                  Laes an Arwen o gannando ah (Baby for Arwen to play with)?” Arwen asked.

All chuckled wondering what Glorfindel would say.  Luckily, Elrohir distracted her.  Manwë looked up at Glorfindel as he placed Annalin back in his arms.

                  “ Hold close to her.  She will be grown and having children before you know it,” Manwë’s voice betrayed his thoughts of his own daughter.

                  “ You 2 are welcome here anytime you wish to visit her,” Glorfindel said.

                  “ Maybe she will visit Taniquetil one day.  I would allow her to return here of course,” Manwë replied.

                  “ We will let her decide.”

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