Chapter 10- Year 240


                  Glorfindel let Êlenrana settle between his legs, laying her back to his chest as they sat under a willow tree, far enough from Imladris so that they were away from the watching eyes.  Glorfindel hummed quietly in the otherwise place of silence.  Butterflies, bees and other bugs went about their way amidst the flowers.  Everything was so peaceful here.  Glorfindel’s mind began to drift off to sleep.  The tense pounding of hooves wrenched him out of his lethargic mood.

                  Elladan and Elrohir pulled their horses up beside where they knew the 2 would be.  They had been brought here many times and knew it was the couple’s hideaway.  Êlenrana slowly stood, extending her hand to her husband.  The twins waited outside the veil of leaves for them to exit.

                  “ What brings you 2 here to disturb us?” Glorfindel demanded, a little cross for being disturbed.

                  “ The birthing process has begun.  Father sent us for Êlenrana,” Elladan answered.

Êlenrana quickly mounted behind Elladan, knowing the solemn twin would not dawdle along the way.

                  “ Need a ride?” Elrohir asked Glorfindel cheerfully.

                  “ I believe that if I walk, I will arrive faster,” Glorfindel replied.

Elrohir shrugged, walking the horse beside Glorfindel.

                  “ Why do not you and Êlenrana have children?  You two are practically a second set of parents to us,” Elrohir asked.

                  “ Tis up to the One to bestow children.  I do believe I will ride,” Glorfindel swung up behind Elrohir.

                  “ If you wanted me to be silent, you could have said so,” Elrohir muttered, but Glorfindel heard not.

He was too busy thinking.

* Why don’t we have children?


                  Glorfindel sat beside Celeborn.

                  “ Your wife joined us earlier.”

                  “ Aye.  She knew to not take Elrohir’s horse,” Glorfindel replied.

Celeborn chuckled.

                  “ The twins think it will be a girl.  Elrond thinks a boy,” Celeborn said.

                  “ And you?” Glorfindel asked.

                  “ Does not matter to me.  A child is a child.  Thenin (True)?” Celeborn replied.

                  “ Aye,” Glorfindel nodded, “ Elrohir’s inquisitiveness already beat you to ask why we do not have children.”

Celeborn merely smiled.

                  Galadriel exited, her face a blank sheet, not able to be read.

                  “ There is a girl,” she said, then her shadowed, “ Elrond, come replace Êlenrana.”

Elrond was stopped by Êlenrana who spoke in a hushed tone to him.  The twins watched in surprise as Êlenrana walked out.  Glorfindel went to follow, but Celeborn stopped him.  Glorfindel’s eyes were rooted to the door she had exited.  Elrohir slipped out.

                  He found Êlenrana sitting on top of a high place with her knees pulled up to her chest.

                  “ What is wrong, Êlenrana?” Elrohir asked.

Êlenrana simply shook her head.

                  “ Is it because you have no children?” he asked.

She shook her head again.

                  “ You mother,” Êlenrana’s voice cracked.

                  “ What?” Elrohir was jolted to attention.

                  “ Twas twins again.  One was already dead when delivered.  You will need to be strong for her,” Êlenrana answered, “ Go back.  Elladan will not know how to deal with this.”

Elrohir nodded and returned to the healing house.

                  “ Where is she?” Glorfindel muttered.

                  “ Out on the terrace.  Go.  I’ll keep Celeborn occupied,” Elrohir answered, “ Grandfather.”

                  Glorfindel slipped out, finding her just where Elrohir had said.  Her thoughts showed him the heartache that had taken place.  He sympathetically settled beside her.

                  “ Already it begins,” Êlenrana whispered.

                  “ I am here,” Glorfindel pulled her close.

She rested herself in his arms, letting his take some of the sorrow.  He did not bend under the weight, staying strong for her, though the burden threatened to break his strong shoulders.


                  Elrond cradled the little girl, looking at the image of Celebrian, only with dark curls.  His heart mourned for the one they had lost but still rejoiced that they at least had one.  He exited into the outer room.  Celeborn and Galadriel had left, but the twins lay asleep in the chairs nearby.  Glorfindel and Êlenrana were awake, staring up at the stars, murmuring between themselves.

                  Elrond approached, watching them straighten up.

                  “ Watch her please.  Celebrian needs me more,” Elrond deposited the child in Glorfindel’s arms.

Glorfindel just froze.  His wide eyes traveled up to Elrond’s back, then back down to the sleeping baby.

                  “ Hold her like this,” Êlenrana smiled as she helped his out.

                  “ Why can’t you just take her?” Glorfindel muttered.

                  “ Because you need to learn to be comfortable with children if you want your own,” Êlenrana replied.

                  “ What is her name?” Glorfindel whispered, trying not to wake the girl.

                  The baby’s eyes flickered open anyways, staring up at him before giggling in her baby way.  Glorfindel’s tense face softened as he fell in love with the baby.

                  “ They have not named her yet.  Call her Arwen (noble woman),” Êlenrana watched the change with a smile.

Arwen reached up, her hands fingering Glorfindel’s long hair that draped over his shoulders almost reverently.  Glorfindel gently pulled it away, seeing Arwen’s bright eyes studying the necklace around his neck.  Her pudgy hands reached for the light blue transparent stone.

                  Elladan and Elrohir awoke at about the same time.  Both blinked a few times, seeing Glorfindel and Êlenrana cuddling a child.

                  “ How long did we sleep?” Elrohir muttered.

                  “ She’s your sister, boys,” Êlenrana heard them.

The 2 ran over, jostling to look over Glorfindel’s shoulder at the happy go lucky baby playing with the necklace.

                  “ She looks like Mother,” Elrohir said.

                  “ She has dark hair,” Elladan argued.

                  “ She looks like mother if mother had dark hair,” Elrohir’s smug expression taunted his brother.

                  “ Agreed,” Elladan sighed.

                  “ Breakfast will be soon.  Get yourselves washed up,” Êlenrana ordered.

                  “ Yes, mother,” Elrohir teased.

                  “ Get on, you jester,” Êlenrana playfully swatted at him.

                  “ Yes mother,” came the voice as he pranced out after his brother.

                  Êlenrana shook her head.  She laid her head on his shoulder to watch him with the baby.  He was a natural.  Glorfindel looked up at her, almost like he was making sure he was doing the right thing.

                  “ You’re doing fine, herven (Husband).  You’re doing fine,” Êlenrana reassured.


                  Elrond exited the next morning to find the couple asleep on the cushions.  His baby girl babbled happily from her place lying on Glorfindel’s chest, bringing the 2 out of their slumber.

                  “ I will return,” Êlenrana stood.

Neither noticed the father watching.  Glorfindel stood, still cradling the baby as he gazed out the window.

                  “ Is Êlenrana prepping you with my child?” Elrond asked, standing beside him.

                  “ I hope so,” Glorfindel answered, “ Do you want to-”

                  “ Keep her.  She is satisfied,” Elrond replied.

                  “ Arwen is your-” Glorfindel began.

                  “ Who?” Elrond looked up.

                  “ Êlenrana told me that you had not named her yet and to call her Arwen for now,” Glorfindel answered.

                  “ Arwen,” Elrond rolled it over his tongue, “ I like it.  She will be called Arwen.”

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