Tolkien Fan fics

Here are my Tolkien related fics. kept breaking down on me, so here's where i will be updating first!! Tell me if you like them by signing the guestbook on the main page. Please do!!

Author note: The Stranger kinda corresponds with all of them, so you may want to read it first. Just click on the title

Another Author Note: Ereinion and the Angel was taken off due to it being so non-canon that it sickened me. If you really want to read it that bad, email me, or sign in the guest book that you want it (please leave Email) and i will send it to you chapter by chapter. Sorry to those that wanted to read it. I might rewrite it, so check for that.


8-01-02- Between Heaven and Earth + Ereinion and the Angel updated.
The Stranger
Charecters (real): Elrond, Glorfindel, Celebrian, the Valar
Summary: A stranger comes that changes their lives forever

Between Heaven and Earth
Status: In the Works
Charecters:Elrond, Glorfindel, Gil-galad, Celebrian
Summary: Explains the paradox of the 2 Glorfindels. Goes from the beginnig of the 2nd age. Corresponds with the Stranger at some point. Mostly about Elrond and Celebrian's relationship.

Little boys and Starlight
Status:Undecided. Should it go on?
Charecters:Gil-galad, Celeborn, Galadriel, Cirdan
Summary: I think the title explains it. One little boy is sent away to the Havens at the mouth of Siron