Chapter 3-Year 1200


                  “ My fair people of Eregion, alas, for the weakness of the great.  For a mighty king in Gil-galad and wise in all lore in Master Elrond and yet they will not aid me in my labors,” Sauron began, his fair face and voice crying out to the smiths.

                  Glorfindel knew he stood out in the dark haired throng of Elves, the only other than Sauron with gold hair that was present here, but he cared not.  He had hoped to stand out.  Sauron’s eyes met his for a fleeting second.

*I know of you, Sauron.  I see right though you

Sauron’s voice faltered, but no one except Glorfindel caught it.  The eyes of the Maia latched onto him with malice and hate, lurking deep in his eyes, but it could not be conceal from one who had seen perfection.

                  Sauron finished his speech and was accepted by this Elvin community readily since he was wise in the ways of smithing.  Sauron made his way towards Glorfindel.

                  “ You seem to be wise, Master…?” Sauron trailed off.

                  “ Glorfindel,” Glorfindel supplied.

                  “ Ah, named after the Elf of Gondolin, I see.  A brave Elf was he.” Glorfindel almost chuckled, seeing hatred flame up in the other’s eyes at the mention of his former self, “ Your eyes betray to me much wisdom.  Come, talk with me.  Maybe you can help me.”

Sauron led him away.  Glorfindel smiled inwardly.  The Maia may be deceiving and cunning, but his immense hatred concealed much he needed to see.


                  “ Join with me.  Help me, unite this land,” Sauron urged.

The offer tugged at Glorfindel’s heart for most Elves prized peace above many things.

                  “ What else?” Glorfindel asked.

                  “ What else?  I merely wish for peace.  Do not even you want peace?” Sauron replied.

                  “ You speak of peace while you draw a sword to smite us,” Glorfindel said, “ You words fall upon deaf ears.”

                  Sauron growled, a sound like rumbling thunder, causing many to look their way.  Glorfindel had a slight smug look as the Elf realized his mistake and smiled pleasantly.

                  “ I see the light of Laurelin in your eyes.  All I want is that beauty for this place also,” Sauron said, “ Join with me.”

                  “ Had you asked long ago, my heart would have been swayed, but, alas, your words do not move me.  Eru has dealt your fate and by a small thing you will fall and fail,” Glorfindel lowered his voice, facing the Maia now, “ And you will fail in this quest, and you know it.”

                  “ You are a spy,” Sauron bellowed angrily.

                  Heads spun to stare.  A pair hooded so their faces were not visible, whom were in fact, Gil-galad and Elrond, slowly moved closer to Glorfindel, in case something happened.

                  “ A spy of the Vala,” Sauron finished.

Glorfindel’s musical laughter soothed them all.  Gil-galad sighed in relief, seeing that the Elf was good with dealing with people.

                  “ A spy for the Vala?  Master Círdan can vouch that I am not.  I am an Elf, just like you and I am sorry to say that I have never seen Valinor,” Glorfindel chose his words carefully.

He hadn’t seen Valinor, only Mandos’ halls, but they did not need to know that.

                  Sauron turned to address the Elves as a whole, watching them all turn to look at him.

                  “ My plans for these fine people, young master, are not evil, but to help them.  To uncover the hidden talents within them all.”

A cheer went up from all.  Sauron’s smug look was filled with hate as he walked off.  Glorfindel watched the Elves murmur about him in their tiny circles.  Elrond slowly approached Glorfindel, while Gil-galad made out for their lodgings, lest he be seen and recognized.  Glorfindel turned his head slightly, sensing Elrond.

                  “ He is up to something.”


                  A handsome gold haired man walked with a silvery haired maiden beside him.  Sauron’s deep booming voice could be heard.  Both curiously approached the door.

                  “ Are the troops assembled?” Sauron asked.

                  “ Yes, my lord,” a raspy voice answered.

                  “ I am keeping an eye on the smiths.  They should be finished with the rings of power soon and then this land will be mine.  Morgorth was a fool.  Now I will have all he did not,” Sauron cackled.

                  The 2 Elves’ exchanged wide-eyed glances before tiptoeing off in the direction they came.

                  “ You must go to my mother and take some of the rings,” Celebrian, the woman urged.

                  “ Your mother does not take kindly-” Celebrimdor began.

                  “ Put aside your pride.  This effects the whole of Middle-Earth,” Celebrian interrupted.

                  “ I will take these 3,” Celebrimdor pulled from his pocket 3 rings.

                  “ Go.  I will tell him you went off in search of stones,” Celebrian replied.

Celebrimdor disappeared into the darkness of night.


Year 1693

                  Gil-galad paced.  That wasn’t a good sign.  The leaders of the Elves all had assembled there: Celeborn and Galadriel; Thranduil; and of course, Elrond and Glorfindel.  Círdan had not joined them for he was busy with the boarding of a ship.

                  “ Sauron’s power increases daily as do his forces.  The people of Eregion are so focused on their work, I do not think that they see the trouble that will most likely come,” Gil-galad turned to look at them wearily.  He had spent nights awake contemplating the situation; “ Elrond, you and Glorfindel will lead troops with wait just beyond Loudwaters.”

                  “ Why not send my troops from Mirkwood?  We have the best archers and fighters,” Thranduil asked hotly.

                  “ Because I wish to save the best for last,” Gil-galad easily soothed the young king’s temper.

                  Thranduil leaned back, satisfied with the answer.  Celeborn leaned forward, his face cloaked with worry.

                  “ These troops you send will hurry, right?  My daughter is in Eregion under Celebrimdor’s watch.  He offered to watch her and though I do not trust him with my wife, I know he will not hurt Celebrian.  Now I hear all this of war and I want her out of Eregion.  I do not care how,” Celeborn said.

                  “ They will bring her back safe, right, Elrond?  You are charged with bringing her here,” Gil-galad replied.

Elrond nodded, trying not to show his disappointment.  Great.  He was back in the business of rescuing damsels in distress.  That was how he had gotten that one maiden to never leave him alone.  Elrond groaned inwardly, then rolled his eyes at Glorfindel’s laughing grin.

                  “ Then we are adjourned,” Thranduil stood, “ I must return immediately to Mirkwood.  My wedding is in but a week.”

                  Círdan entered, stopping Gil-galad.  Only the 2 men and Galadriel remained, while the others had left with Thranduil, talking of the upcoming nuptials.

                  “ What is it?” Gil-galad asked worriedly.

                  “ Celebrimdor visited me last month.  Celeborn knows not of his visit or is to know.  He gave me these, telling me to place them in wise hands.  They are the 3 most powerful of the Elvish rings of power,” Galadriel answered, pulling out 2 pouches.

She removed a ring of sapphire and one of a brilliant red stone.  Gil-galad hesitantly picked up the one of sapphire and Círdan took the one of red.

                  “ I wear the other one,” Galadriel showed her ring of adamant.

The other 2 slipped on theirs.

                  “ What do they do?” Gil-galad asked.

                  “ Preserve our ways and keep the aging of the world from coming,” Galadriel answered.

                  Suddenly the room began to fade away and they were standing before Sauron.  Upon his hand, he wore a wimple gold ring, but he could not see, only sense them.  Sauron reached out, trying to grab them.  Gil-galad let out an angry yell as he pulled off his ring.  Galadriel shakily clutched the armrests of her chair while Círdan merely stroked his beard and then rubbed his forehead.

                  Glorfindel, Elrond and Celeborn ran in.

                  “ What happened?  We heard you yell?” Elrond asked.

Celeborn bent beside his wife worriedly.

                  “ You 2 should have assembled the troops already and be about to leave,” Gil-galad said sharply, then turned to the other ring bearers, “ What we have now, we will not use again until all is clear.”

Círdan and Galadriel nodded, understanding completely, while the other 3 simply shook their heads in confusion.


Year 1697

                  Celebrimdor winced under Sauron’s angry yell.  The dark lord turned to the Elf.

                  “ Where are they?  I know you made 3 more.  To whom did you give them?” Sauron growled.

Celebrimdor remained silent.  Sauron nodded to 2 orcs at the door.

                  A struggling Celebrian was dragged in.  Sauron smiled evilly as he approached her, catching Celebrimdor’s sudden worry.

                  “ Twould be a shame for this beauty to be marred,” Sauron said, touching Celebrian’s cheek, then his hand moving down her neck.

She pulled away from him, snapping her teeth at him angrily as her heel found his toes.  Sauron slapped her and she fell.  He drew his long sword and watched Celebrian’s eyes become fiery balls in her head.  He stood above her.

                  “ What do you say, Celebrimdor?” Sauron asked.

                  All could see the struggled in his eyes.  With an apologetic glance at Celebrian, he lifted them upwards in defiance.  Sauron moved away from Celebrian.  He dared not touch the daughter of Galadriel in fear of the Elf-woman’s wrath.

                  “ Tis your choice.  I will kill every person here in Eregion until I find those rings,” Sauron lowered his voice, moving closer, “ And you are the first.”

His sword slashed into Celebrimdor’s stomach, then neck, severing the head.  The lifeless Elf fell to the ground with his blood as Sauron’s eyes burst with every fire he had wrought the One Ring with.  He would find those 3 rings.

                  Celebrian slowly backed away, her eyes full of tears as she stared at the blood staining her gown and floor and the Elf at her feet.  She rose and ran as fast and far as she could from that place.  Her feet carried her across a river and she fell in a heap, clutching the hem of her bloodied dress to her chest as the sobs racked her slight body.


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