Chapter 1

18 months later


              She looked so peaceful asleep in his room and in the middle of his bed.  Orlando paused in the doorway.  She was wearing one of his sweatshirts.  She either missed him so much she’d resorted to wearing his clothes, or she’d run out of washing detergent.  Orlando guessed it was the detergent.  He put his bags down gently on a pile of clothes he’d left, striping off his sweatshirt, but leaving on the t-shirt underneath.  He gently lay down beside her, so not to disturb her.  He kissed her forehead gently causing her to finally stir.

              “ Hmm?” Lou turned, her eyes opening a little, “ Is that you Orli?”

              “ Would anyone else dare to be in your bed without being killed?” Orlando asked.

              “ Plenty of guys would,” Lou drawled, “ There’s Rich, wait, you scared him off, uh Matt, no same thing there, how about Dick, nope, he’s gone too.  Guess you have a point, Orli.”

              Orlando grinned.  She was hilarious to listen to sometimes when she was half-asleep.

              “ Go back to sleep, Louise.  I think you need it more than me,” he replied.

Her head nestled under his chin and on his chest her hands rested.  His eyes closed in a blissful sleep.


              Lou realized there was someone in bed beside her.  And that someone had their hands resting on her ass and pretty far up non her stomach.  Her eyes slowly opened, an evil grin sliding across her face.

              “ I’m being raped in my sleep now,” she muttered, then louder, “ Orlando Bloom, if you don’t move those hands, there will be a smack down and all those little fans wishing they were in this highly compromising position will hear about you in the news.  Orlando Bloom loses dick to crazed best friend.  Get the camera?”

              “ Picture, Lou.  It’s get the PICTURE, not camera.  You’re worse than me at butchering those American phrases and you’re an American,” Orlando replied.

              “ I’m warning you, Bloomers,” Lou began.

              “ Oh, go back to sleep,” Orlando muttered, turning over.

              “ Touch me like those hoes you date again and you’re dead meat, bud,” Lou sat up, bouncing on the bed.

              “ Someone forgot to take their Ritalin,” Orlando muttered.

              He groaned, beginning to time the bounces.  Lou let out a startled screech  as he flipped her down so he was half on top of her.

              “ I feel like bloody crap, Louise.  I want to sleep, understand?” Orlando’s hot breath tickled her ear.

              “ I’m sorry, Orli.  I’m just so excited that you’re finally back.  I missed you lots,” Lou pouted.

              Orlando felt guilty as he released her.  He had been gone for a long time.

              “ Missed me lots?  Little Miss English teacher has atrocious grammar.  What would the school board think of that?” he smiled slightly.

              “ Oh shut it.  I’m going to fix breakfast,” Lou began to get up and then stopped, “ Hand me my pants over there.”

              “ Your pants?” Orlando’s eyebrow arched.

              A gentle flush stained her cheeks.

              “ Didn’t I tell you, Orlando?  I’m a hoe on the side,” sarcasm dripped from her voice like water from a leaky faucet, “ Come on, Orli.  You know I don’t sleep in pants.  Never have, never will.”

              “ Just get ‘em, Lou.  We’ve played Doctor one too many times to try and protect our innocence now,” Orlando buried his head in the pillows.

              Lou pulled the suddenly too short night short down farther as she crawled over Orlando.  She heard him mutter something once she grabbed them.

              “ What was that?” she pulled them on.

              “ Someone’s got a nice booty,” he repeated though muffled by pillows.

              “ Checking out my butt are we?” Lou jumped on him.

              Orlando’s laughter filled the flat as he tried to ward off her tickling fingers.  He finally flipped her.

              “ I’m gonna murder you one of these days, Louise,” he said.

              “ Nu uh,” Lou giggled as he tickled her stomach, “ But if you don’t get off me, I’m going to find that bow you used and stick that thing so far up your-”

              “ Go on, Lou.  No need to get all PMS’d on me,” Orlando rolled off her.

              “ Thank you, Superstar,” Lou slowly got up.

              Orlando stretched out as she disappeared out of the room.  He smiled lovingly as the latest pictures of them together.  She’d shown up on set a few months ago because she had a 3-day weekend.  They both had prop swords and were pretending to duke it out.  Orlando spied some of the other pictures and flipped through them.  He stopped at one, a smile on his face.  She’d just broken up with her fiancée, whom he didn’t like at all, when she’d come up.  Orlando didn’t know anyone had actually caught the moment.  The sun had been setting, so all that could be seen was two silhouettes: one of her in a sundress and him in full costume.  He held her head in his hands, tipped up so their foreheads and the tips of their noses touched.  They looked perfect, like nothing was wrong in their world.

              “ Whatcha doin?” Lou was in the doorway.

              “ Lookin,” Orlando waved the pictures over his head.

              Lou settled beside him to look at them too, even though Orlando was sure she’d probably memorized everyone.  He looked at the mirrored sliding closet doors in front of them while Lou studied the pictures diligently.  The way Lou was nestled in his arms reminded him of the old black and white films of the happy couples.  Orlando watched Lou lovingly.  He’d once had a crush on her, but it could never be, so he didn’t bother anymore.

              Lou glanced up.  Their eyes met.

              “ Staring at me, are we?” she asked with a tiny smile.

              “ Yep, just admiring how cute you look, Lou,” Orlando grinned down at her.

He planted a kiss on the tip of her nose.  Lou jumped up, sniffing the air.

              “ Come on, it smells like the toast is done,” she pulled him up.

She still only came up to his chest.  Lou rolled her eyes dramatically as she stood beside him.

              “ I knew I should have cut off your legs or something when we were little,” she muttered.

              “ Jealous, Louise?” Orlando laughed.

              “ You try being short for a day.  You’ll learn to appreciate your height,” Lou replied.

              “ Nah, then I couldn’t tease you, Shorty.  Anyways, I like my girls short,” Orlando grinned, “ Even though everyone always thinks you’re like 12 or something.”

He ran down the stairs with Lou not too far behind.  He burst into laughter, swinging her up for a piggyback ride into the kitchen.