Juli and JC stood together at an airport gate.

              “ Mommy,” the little boy ran towards her, “ Hey, Unca JC.”

JC ruffled the boy’s dark brown curls softly.  They’d chosen to make JC known as an uncle instead of a dad.

              “ I missed you, Mommy,” Kyle played with her necklace.

              “ I missed you too, Sweetie,” Juli glanced over at her Mom, “ Thanks for bringing him.”

              “ I’m glad you’re letting Justin in on it,” Leigh smiled.

              The 2-year old snuggled close to her.  Juli’s heart broke for leaving him for so long.  Justin walked towards them with Joey not too far behind.

              “ Juli,” Justin’s anger dissolved into a smile.

              “ Come on, babe.  We need to talk,” Juli handed Kyle to JC.

              “ Unca JC, do I get to go on the plane with you?” the little boy asked.

              Justin watched the boy and JC.

              “ Cute kid, looks a lot like JC,” Justin noted absently.

              “ JC’s his dad,” Juli replied.

              “ Oh, who’s the mom?  Some deadbeat that didn’t want him?” Justin asked.

              “ No, it’s me,” Juli answered.

              “ Care to run that by me again?” Justin’s eyes lit with fire.

              “ Kyle is mine and JC’s son.  That’s why we broke up.  We couldn’t pretend, so I raised him alone with as much help as JC could give while on tour,” Juli said.

              “ You never told me,” Justin looked hurt.

              “ I couldn’t,” Juli replied.

              “ I can’t believe this.  For two years, you’ve had a son and it just slipped your mind?  What happened to trust, Juli?” Justin asked angrily.

              “ I couldn’t trust anyone.  JC couldn’t afford for it to be known that he was a dad,” Juli answered, “ God, Justin, just say it.  Just say you hate.  You hate me because of the kid and the article.  Go on hate me.  I sold you out and I can’t marry you.”

              “ Good, I wouldn’t want to marry you anyways,” Justin snapped.

              Juli pulled off the ring and put it in his hands.

              “ Good-bye, Mr. Timberlake, it was nice knowing you,” Juli said cordially, her heart breaking all the while.

Justin didn’t say a word.  Juli turned and walked to JC and Kyle.

              “ Who’s that?  Why was he mad?” Kyle began.

              “ That was just someone I used to know,” Juli said.

              Justin’s head lifted up.  Juli could see the tears, but most of all the hurt.  It was hard to know that she’d caused it all.  Juli smiled stiffly, taking Kyle.  JC watched Justin’s eyes follow her longingly, then two angry balls of fire turned on him.

            “ Keep the hell away from me, Chasez,” Justin muttered as they boarded.

              “ Justin Randall,” Lynn scolded, “ What did JC do?”

              “ He just ruined the only good thing in my life,” Justin replied.

              “ I didn’t ruin it, Justin.  You did a good job yourself.  You could’ve understood what she went through.  She’s been to hell and back without you, and she’ll do it again,” JC said.

Justin slumped in his chair.  He hated it when JC was right.


              “This is how its gotta be,” 2 voices whispered as 1.

2 pairs of hands moved as one to rip a picture.  2 hearts fell with the picture into the trashcan.  Neither would ever be complete.

              2 eyes watched in glee.

              “ You never know what love is till its gone.  As long as I live, you 2 will never love each other,” Barry whispered.

He’d accomplished his task.  2 lives lay shattered, never to be rejoined again.

The End-for now!!