Chapter 7


Ok, so if I get this straight, you have to find a girl, both of you have to sign the contract and then they have a month to get couply? Juli looked at him in disbelief, What were Johnny, Clive and Barry smoking today?

I dont know, but I either do this or theyll find some other way to make me miserable, Justin said, staring out the car window.

Ill help you find a girl, Juli offered.

Juli, itd be easier if it were you, Justin said.

It was silent the rest of the way home.

Do you really want me to do it, Justin? Juli asked as they got out.

Look, I dont want to get a dumb model or something. Youre my best friend and itll be easy. Quick kisses on the cheek, holding hands, acting. We do it in all our plans, Justin answered.

Ok, Ill do it, Juli replied.

Justin gave her a bear hug.

Thanks, Jules, Justin said, I promise to make it up to you.

Actually, Im repaying a debt right now. My senior prom, Juli replied.

Ok, well call it even then, Justin took her hand to go inside.

Later, Juli sat on her balcony, staring over the city of Orlando. She chewed on a pen, staring at her journal entry.

April 21, 2001

Dear Diary,

I cant believe how stupid Jive and all the people that work for it can be. Poor Justin is being forced into finding a new girl to portray his girlfriend. And Im it. Yep, Im the girl that millions of fans get to hate now. Im accepting because I trust Justin. He knows the boundaries of this contract thing and if hes fine with it, why should I argue? I just hope hes ok with it.

Juli closed her diary, hearing Justins footsteps.

Whatcha doing? Justin asked, plopping down beside her.

My diary, Juli answered.

Let me read, Justin said.

Private, Juli locked it.

We never keep secrets, Justin pouted.

Some are worth keeping, Juli replied, meeting his gaze.

Both were silent, just watching the city of Orlando from the balcony.

Juli, are you really going to be ok with us pretending to be a couple? Justin asked.

Justin, itll be fine. Its like any other plan weve done, Juli reassured him.

Ok, because we could not sign the contract and- Justin began to ramble, showing he was extremely nervous.

Juli put a hand up to his lips. Justin stopped talking.

Id feel even worse if I stuck you with someone that makes you miserable when you wanted me to do it, Juli said.

You do know that our mothers are going to love this and we cant tell them about the contract, Justin groaned.

Oh well, well be on tour and guess what? Juli said.

What? Justin asked.

I have my bachelors. They let me graduate early since I was leaving to go on tour with yall, Juli answered.

Come on, lets go tell everyone, Justin grabbed her hand, dragging her downstairs.

After dinner, they both sat out on her balcony again. Julis eyes were closed as she leaned against the couch. Justins arms snuck around her and pulled her close.

Whatcha thinking? Justin asked.

Im singing,, Juli replied.

Whatcha singing in your head? Justin asked again.

Boyz II Men, Juli answered, laying her head against his chest.

He sat silently as her breathing slowed. Finally her soft snores came. Justin slowly picked her up and laid her on her bed.

Night, Jules, Justin kissed her forehead softly.

He walked into his room and out onto his balcony.

What am I going to do?

Chapter 8