Chapter 4- January 2001


              Justin winced in pain as the comb was pulled through his curls, over and over again.  Elan, their new hairstylist was ruthless.

              “ Ow, good lord that hurts,” Justin yelled.

              “ If you’d brush this thing, it wouldn’t hurt,” Elan replied calmly.

              “ There’s a jewel of sunshine for Mr. Justin Timberlake.  I told her to go to your hotel room, but she didn’t want to wait, “ Joey grinned suggestively, “ Ow.”

              A hand had pulled a chunk of Joey’s hair.  Justin stood up, but Elan pushed him back into the chair.

              “ Who said I was done?” Elan replied.

              “ Good morning, Justin,” Juli bounded in.

              “ What’s with the curls?” Elan muttered, “ That your twin, Justin?”

              Both Justin and Juli burst into laughter.

              “ New one, huh?” Juli asked.

              “ All the better,” Justin answered.

              “ Ok, you’re done,” Elan bolted out of there.

              “ And I though everyone would know of the two terrors I have to guard,” a booming voice said.

              Mike entered, watching them closely.

              “ We’re not going to pull anything, Mike,” Juli said.

              “ Uh huh, and I’m white with blue hair,” Mike replied.

              “ Blue is a good color on you, Mike,” Justin whistled.

              “ Don’t get smart with me, Southie,” Mike replied.

              The two began to bicker as a father and son would.  Juli sat down on the couch.  She tried to keep her white mini skirt from rolling up, but it was useless.  Justin’s mouth stopped moving in mid-sentence.

              “ What?” Juli asked.

He stripped off his sweatshirt and threw it at her.

              “ Be decent, Jules,” Justin replied.

              “ Oh, go drown your head in a bucket of wax,” Juli retorted.

              “ He needs it with that beast growing on his head,” Mike added.

              The pained expression on Justin’s face made Juli smile.  She got up slowly, walking sexily towards Justin.

              “ I’m sorry, baby.  Do you want me to kiss it and make it feel better?” Juli crooned.

Justin looked up and caught the laughter in her eyes.

              “ That’s my cue to leave.  You have a half-hour before the game starts,” Mike shut the door behind him.

              Both burst into laughter.

              “ So, when do I sweep you off your feet?” Justin teased.

              “ Save me, my prince,” Justin put a hand to her forehead dramatically before bursting into giggles.

Justin teasingly lifted her up into his arms.  He lowered his head to give her a kiss on the forehead.

              “ Oh my,” JC’s surprised voice came.

              JC stood in the doorway, his mouth hanging open.  Justin quickly put Juli down.

              “ JC, it wasn’t what you thought,” Justin began.

              “ I’m gonna go find Lacy,” Juli walked out.

JC waited until she closed the door.

              “ What were you doing?  That’s your best friend,” JC began.

              “ We were playing around,” Justin replied.

              “ Uh huh, do you always play with your lips on hers?” JC asked.

              “ Look, JC, we were kidding about someone sweeping her off her feet and I kissed her forehead, thank you very much,” Justin answered.

              “ Sure,” JC was still unconvinced.

              JC opened the door.

              “ Tell Juli she has one mighty fine butt,” JC said.

              “ You should see it in a thong,” Justin replied.

JC’s eyebrows arched before he walked out.  Justin collapsed on the couch for a quick nap before the Super bowl game.


              Juli sat with Lacy backstage to watch their Super bowl performance.

              “ Lacy, get off your cell phone.  It’s about to start,” Juli hissed.

Lacy sent her a sympathetic smile.  Juli grabbed the phone.

              “ I’m sorry, your call has been disconnected.  Please try again,” Justin said, then hung up and turned off the phone.

              Lacy sent Juli a huge smile then turned her attention to the stage.

              “ Whoa, go Lance,” Lacy jumped up.

Lance blew her a kiss, before getting back into formation for the dance.

              “ Sit down girl, before every fan spots you,” Juli dragged Lacy back.

              Juli moved closer to watch, while Lacy stayed behind her out of the view of the fans.

              “ Good job,” Juli whispered, when they jogged backstage.

              “ Thanks,” Justin gave her cheek a quick kiss, “ Stay away from the lights.  Some fans think you’re the girl that Lance keeps blowing kisses to.”

              “ But I am.  Don’t you know Lance is cheating on Lace with me?” Juli replied.

              Juli giggled when Lacy pushed Lance away almost pouting.  Juli threw her arms around Justin in a hug.

              “ Got to give you some credit, Justin.  You’re already got a new girl,” Britney walked in.

              Justin stiffened.

              “ I mean, you picked up the first whore you saw.  Look at that skirt,” Britney continued.

Juli saw the anger on Justin’s face.  She put a hand on his chest to get his attention.

              “ Let me handle this,” she whispered.

              “ Don’t you have anything to say, slut?” Britney walked closer.

              “ Yeah, shut it, Britney,” Juli whirled around.

              Britney’s jaw dropped open.

              “ Juli, I, I didn’t know it was you,” Britney stuttered.

              “ Uh huh, I’m sure,” Juli pushed Britney.

Justin stopped Mike.

              “ Let them be,” Justin ordered, “ This should be good.”

              “ What’s your problem?” Britney asked.

              “ You.  You’re about to discover the reason no one hurts Justin,” Juli slugged Britney in the stomach.

              Britney doubled over as Juli punched her gain.  Finally Juli pulled her up by her hair.

              “ Don’t you ever stop?” Britney whimpered.

              “ When I’m good and ready,” Juli answered, balling her fist again.

              “ That’s enough, Juli,” Justin easily had Juli under his control.

              “ Thank you, baby,” Britney crooned.

              “ I have an image Britney and I don’t want it destroyed by people thinking I beat you,” Justin replied.

              He ushered Juli away to sit next to Lacy.

              “ Don’t let her get up from there,” Justin ordered.

              “ Justin,” Juli whined.

              “ Sorry, babe.  I’ve gotta go,” Justin jogged off to join the other guys.

              “ Babe?  I don’t believe he’s called you that before,” Lacy cocked an eyebrow.

              “ I think he was talking to you,” Juli slouched in the couch sullenly, glaring at Britney.

              “ Well, I overheard JC talking about you in a thong, so I guess we’re even,” Lacy replied.

              Juli’s face burned as Lacy burst into laughter.

              “ I was swimming and he was supposed to be asleep.  He ended up saving me from drowning and saw them,” Juli explained.

              “ It seems Justin has all the guys envying him,” Lacy said wistfully.

              “ Tonight is that party, huh?  Are you going with Lance?” Juli asked, quickly changing the subject.

              “ Yeah, but no officially,” Lacy answered.

              “ Come on.  I’m gonna make you look like a goddess,” Juli pulled Lacy towards the door.


              Justin sat in his hotel room.  A knock came at the door and Justin reluctantly answered it.

              “ Aren’t you coming to the party?” Lance asked.

              “ Nah, I hate those stuffy social things,” Justin answered.

              “ Come on.  Juli and Lacy left early to get ready,” Lance replied, “ And I’m pretty sure Juli’s going too.”

              “ In a thong?” Justin grinned, “ Never mind, let me get changed.”

Justin threw on some pants and a shirt to head for Lacy’s room.


              Juli smiled as Lacy finally saw herself in the mirror.

              “ Oh my god, I’m like beautiful,” Lacy gaped, reaching out to touch her reflection.

Juli smiled at her work.  She’d pulled Lacy’s thick waves into a clip with some falling down.  A long dress of forest green accented her full figure as well as her green eyes.

              “ What about you?” Lacy asked.

              “ I’m not going.  Justin and I are going out to the movies,” Juli answered.

              “ No, you aren’t.  Sit,” Lacy picked up the makeup.

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