Blue eyes smiled as she cradled the tiny baby.

            “ You are chosen, little one.  One day I will come back for you,” she released on of her long midnight black strands from the baby’s clutches. 

They girl put the baby down as loud footsteps approached.  She turned and walked, through the wall to her freedom. 

            A blonde woman picked up the tiny baby.

            “ I thought I heard voices in here,” she scrutinized the whole room, “ What’s this?”

A beautiful necklace in the shape of a heart turned the room a brilliant blue when she held it up to the light. 

            “ Come on, darling,” the woman glanced around the room, pocketing the necklace.

The dark haired girl watched from afar.  She blew a quick kiss, and then pulled a hood up to disappear into the night fog.

Chapter 1