Chapter 9


            The reporters looked at her curiously.  Skye bit her lip as she looked down at JC.

            “ JC, I have no idea what they’re talking about,” Skye said, faking innocence.

            “ Sure you don’t,” the reporter said.

            “ What’s your name?” JC asked.

            “ Richard,” he answered.

            “ Richard, leave Skye alone.  I don’t like it when people accuse my girl of things.  They usually end up in the hospital,” JC threatened, playing the part of a protective boyfriend.

            “ I think we have enough,” Richard gave a smug smile, “ I’ll be back, Skye.  I have a score to settle with you.”

The reporters moved out and Skye sighed with relief.

            “ Thanks, Jace,” Skye said, “ That was too close.”

            “ Where’s Justin?” Lance asked.

            “ Right here,” Skye put her arm on something a bit higher than her.

Justin slowly began to reappear, showing that her arm had been on his shoulder.

            “ Skye, that was too close,” Justin said.

            “ I know.  We have to leave.  I suggest you 4 do the same.  If anyone on the other side saw the news, they’ll be out to get you and the result could be, well, deadly,” Skye told the other 4.

            “ Can we just go with you guys?” Joey asked.

            “ It’s not that simple.  I can get in a lot of trouble for hosting mortals, but then again, I’m not going back to the grounds, so it doesn’t matter,” Skye answered, “ Go get packing, I have to get us tickets for a flight tonight.”

            2 eyes stared at Skye’s back angrily.

            “ She’s says she’s not going back, sir.  What are we gonna do?” he asked.

            “ We’re going to get Justin then,” the man answered.

            “ Yes sir, I’ll go get him now,” the tall man moved towards the door.

            Skye stood outside, waiting for the other 4 to pack up.  She could sense a vampire on her turf and was going to protect her prize with her life.

            “ Skye, Trainer sent me,” Robert moved out from the shadows.

            “ Well, he’s not getting Justin.  You just made a stupid move,” Skye pulled out a small hand gun, “ Say a prayer, Rob.”

            “ You just made a stupid move, Skye,” Robert snapped.

            Dozens of vampires that Skye recognized stepped from the shadows with guns pointed at her.

            “ Trainer sent us for Justin.  We’re going to get him.  Take us to him, now,” Robert pushed her inside.

            Skye gave a small smile as she recited an invisibility spell.

            “ Skye-” JC stopped, seeing the guns, “ Never mind.”

            “ Have you seen Justin, JC?” Skye asked, a smug smile on her face.

            “ No, I just saw him, but he’s good at disappearing,” JC had seen Justin disappear in front of his own eyes.

            “ Where is he Skye?  I know that he may be immortal, but you aren’t,” Robert pushed the cold metal into her back.

            Robert felt 2 arms grab him.  He fired aimlessly as it attacked him.

            “ Get out y’all.  Tell Trainer, he’s entering a losing battle,” Skye grabbed the gun, “ Don’t shoot either.”

One by one, they each left until only Robert remained.

            “ I thought I could trust you, Robert.  I guess I learned a lesson the hard way.  Slayers work alone,” Skye got up in his face, “ Go on and get your pitiful face out of here.”

Robert gave her an evil look before walking out.

            Skye held her hand out.  Justin reappeared as he gave her a high five.

            “ We make a good team,” Skye looked up at him, “ Are the others ready?”

            “ Ready, guys?” Justin yelled.

            “ Yep, we’re coming,” JC threw a few bags down the stairs, “ I’ll tell Tyler to check up on the house.”

            “ Then, let’s go.  I got a SUV, so hopefully we’ll all fit in it,” Skye grabbed her keys, “ And we’ll stop at a club before hand, Justin.”

            “ Good, I’m starving,” Justin sat in the passenger seat.

Skye pealed off towards the lit up city of Orlando.

Chapter 10