Chapter 8


            That night, Justin woke up, feeling homesick.

            “ Guys, I’m going out to eat,” Justin yelled.

            “ Not without me, you aren’t, Mr. Timberlake.  If anything happens to you, I’m dead, literally,” Skye ran in from the living room.

            “ Come on, Skye.  Let me go alone,” Justin pleaded.

            “ Justin, I can’t.  Trainer will kill me if I let you go anywhere alone.  I’ll stay away.  You come and find me when you’re ready to go,” Skye grabbed her keys, then threw them to him, “ You drive, since I don’t live around here.”

            Justin sighed.  He wasn’t hungry at all.  All he wanted to do was go and see his home.

            “ Justin, why are we headed towards your home?” Skye asked.

            “ Let me just see it, please, Skye,” Justin answered.

            “ Whatever,” Skye turned her head to look out the window.

            Skye could hear his thoughts since she was telepathic.

            “ Justin, I should slap you,” Skye looked at him.

            “ You read my mind again?” Justin asked, biting his lip.

            “ Yes, and I’ve never had a guy think of me that way and I intended to keep it that way,” Skye slapped his harmlessly on the arm.

            Justin pretended to mope the rest of the way.  They stopped in front of a huge mansion.  Lights were on everywhere.

            “ Bye, Mom, miss you,” Justin blew a kiss at the mansion.

            “ Justin?” a young male voice asked.

            Both Justin and Skye turned to see a little boy staring at them.

            “ Steven?” Justin asked, staring at the boy.

            “ You’re alive.  I knew you were.  You can’t die,” Steven held onto his brother.

            “ Justin, we have to go,” Skye said quickly.

            “ Bye, Steven,” Justin untangled himself from his little brother, and then ran to the car.

            Skye saw Justin wipe away a tear.

            “ You miss them, don’t you?” Skye asked.

            “ Yeah, we were so close,” Justin answered.

Justin braked suddenly as someone stepped in front of them.

            “ Get out,” he ordered, waving around a gun, “ Skye, we meet again.  You’re lucky this time.  The whole crew wasn’t here with me.”

            “ Greg, so nice to see you again,” Skye glared at him.

            Justin watched the 2 together.  Skye seemed to be saving her energy for something.

            “ You must be Justin,” Greg laughed, “ You’re going to save their side?  They should have a hard time now.”

Justin easily punched the guy out.  Skye staked him and Justin watched as the ashes were blown away.

            “ Well, Justin, welcome to the team,” Skye held out her hand.

Justin shook it and they got back into the car to drive back to JC’s.

            The 4 were waiting for them when they got back.

            “ I think you’re cover has been blown, Justin,” Chris said as he led them to the living room, “ We recorded this just for you.”

            “ This is Angie Brooks reporting live at the Harless house.  It seems that *N Syncer, Justin Timberlake is not dead, in fact.  He’s alive and well, according to little brother, Steven.  Be on the lookout for this ex-singer and give any information to this number,” a pretty Asian woman said, “ Here’s a picture of him taken-”

            Justin collapsed on the couch as JC turned it off.

            “ Crap, there goes my cover,” Justin groaned.

            “ Well, it looks like we have visitors,” Lance heard the doorbell.

Justin scurried up to a room to listen to the conversation downstairs.

            Lance opened up the door to reveal an unknown person.

            “ Hi, can I help you?” Lance asked.

            “ Skye, get over here, right now,” the man’s commanding voice rang through the house.

            Skye walked in and her expression changed drastically.

            “ Robert, why are you here?” Skye asked.

            “ It seems that Justin’s cover is gone.  Reporters are headed here since this is JC’s house.  We need to move him,” Robert answered.

            “ No, Robert.  I can take care of Justin myself.  Tell Trainer to stay out of my business and Justin will be there soon.  You gave him to me to train, and that’s what I’m gonna do today,” Skye walked upstairs and away.

            “ Well, you heard the lady,” Lance closed the door.

The 4 ran up the stairs to see what Skye was going to do.

            Skye was busy flipping through a book, while lying on the bed on her stomach.

            “ What are you looking for?” Justin asked, leaning over her shoulder.

            “ An invisibility spell,” Skye answered, “ Here look in this book.”

Justin sat on the floor and began to flip through the book.

            A doorbell rang again downstairs and JC opened it to reveal many reporters.

            “ Mr. Chasez, could we have an interview?” one asked.

            “ Sure, come on in,” JC answered, acting like nothing was wrong, “ The living room is this way.”

            Hundreds of questions were thrown at them, before Skye came downstairs.  The reports watched as she settled near JC.

            “ This is Skye,” JC said, trying to think of a good excuse for her being there.

            “ I’m his girlfriend,” Skye said quickly, sending him a knowing glance.

            “ You look so familiar,” a man with red hair scrutinized her with his hazel eyes.

            “ Don’t know from where,” Skye replied.

            “ From here,” the man handed her a picture.

Skye stared at the picture.  It was from the security camera of Steven hugging Justin.  She stood off to the side, waiting patiently for him.

            “ Who are you, Skye?” the guy asked again.

Skye looked up and gulped.  She had a big problem.

Chapter 9