Chapter 7


            Skye stared at her drink as she sat in a restaurant.

I can’t believe this.  They don’t want me anymore.  Just cuz I messed up once.  Oh well, I guess they don’t need any extra info on him.

Skye gave a smug smile to her glass.  She knew Justin’s power and no one else would be able to know it.

            “ I guess I have a ticket back,” Skye muttered.

            She began her usual walk through the dark alleyway to her car.  Footsteps made her turn around quickly.  A man with blood dripping fangs and his eyes glowing red had followed her.  2 kick jump kicks and he was out.  Skye bent down and staked him into a pile of ashes.  She continued her walk, free of any more intruders.

            Justin stared at the floor.  He was trying to go to sleep, but the trainer wouldn’t let him.

            “ Hello, Justin, I’m over here,” the man called from behind him.

            “ That’s nice,” Justin retorted.

            “ Turn this way,” the trainer tried voice-command.

Justin easily resisted it.  Skye had taught him that first.

            “ Who taught you that?” Trainer asked.

            “ Skye, no one else could’ve,” Justin answered.

            “ I’ve had enough.  I’m gonna go find Skye,” Trainer rolled his eyes heavenward, “ I obviously can’t get through to you.”

Justin gave a small smile.  He was pretty interested in the dark haired slayer.

            2 burly men threw in the familiar slayer.  Her blue eyes darted around quickly as she was up on her feet, never have touching the floor.

            “ Nice to join us, Skye,” Trainer gave a small smile.

            “ I’m not charmed,” Skye crossed her arms.

            “ It seems that Justin here won’t cooperate with me.  You’re the only one that he actually listens to you,” Trainer said.

            “ So, how does this affect me?  You let me go and I have some of Justin’s friends that I have to visit to give an update on him,” Skye replied, turning to leave.

            “ Take him with you and train him.  When you return, I expect him ready to go with you on a spy mission,” Trainer said.

            “ Come on, Justin.  Let’s go get your stuff.  Who knows if we’ll be back,” Skye led Justin out.

            Justin walked with her into the night to her black SUV.

            “ Why did you come back?” Justin asked.

            “ Well, when you’re dragged from your car to another one by 2 guys that both are stronger than you, you don’t waste your energy on them,” Skye answered, “ Let’s hurry because dawn should be approaching soon.”

Justin nodded as she stepped on the gas pedal.


            JC was up and walking around.  He was still worried about Justin, since they hadn’t heard anything from him.

            “ Hey, Jace, stop worrying,” Joey called from the living room, “ Justin will be fine.  He has that gorgeous girl to keep him company.”

            “ Thanks, Joey I love compliments,” a female voice said through the door.

            JC ran over and opened up the door to reveal Skye and Justin standing there.

            “ Can we come in?  It’s almost dawn,” Skye asked.

            “ Sure,” JC moved aside, practically spellbound in her presence.

            “ Jace, who are you talking to?  Wait, don’t tell me.  The magic fairy pixies have come and they want to stay for tea,” Joey came in with the other 2.

            “ Justin?” the 3 stared at him.

            Justin was sitting in a chair, not moving.

            “ He’s asleep.  He’s been up for a few days without sleep, so he’s probably pooped,” Skye said softly.

            “ Are you tired, cuz we have plenty of rooms?” JC asked.

            “ No, I’m not.  Anyways, I have a job to get to, but I guess I could do it here.  How does, *N Sync after Justin: 1 year later, sound?” Skye replied.

            “ Wonderful,” Chris said.

            “ Good, because it’s either you or the Backstreet Boys.  I hate doing BSB because they’re a little freaky,” Skye sighed with relief, “ They always want to know more about me and I can’t tell them anything.”

The 4 saw the sun leaking through the curtains.  Lance quickly walked over and closed the curtain when the sunlight lighted on Justin.

            “ Ow, crap, what happened?” Justin woke up, feeling the intense pain.

            “ You got into the sun.  Hold still,” Skye answered.

            They watched as she laid her hands on the burn.  Seconds later, she removed them to show that the burn was gone.

            “ I think I will take that room now, JC,” Skye said, then followed him up the stairs to a room.

Justin let his eyes close again and the 4 went to the living room to finish watching their movie.

Chapter 8