Chapter 6


            Skye stared into the steely gray eyes of her trainer.

            “ You brought him back, but can you make him work?” he asked.

            “ You’re questioning me,” Skye snapped.

            “ That boy could kill all of us even if we came onto him on once.  If the other side gets him, we’re dead.  I want constant surveillance on him.  No contact with anyone but you,” he replied, “ Get to him.

Skye turned her back and started out the door.

            “ Get rid of that attitude too, Skye,” he called after her.

Skye slammed the door in response.

            Justin stared at the 4 walls around him.  He was bored and with nothing to do, until Skye walked in.

            “ You and I get to spend 3 days in solitary confinement so I can teach you how to use your powers,” Skye faked a smile, but her eyes showed her disappointment at being assigned to him.

            “ Am I really that bad to be around?” Justin asked with a teasing note in his voice.

            “ Sorry, usually I’m the one that gets out of these jobs.  We might as well get to work.  Let me tell you a little more about why you were chosen,” Skye replied.

            Justin immediately sat up straighter and leaned forwards, as if to catch every word she was about to say.

            “ Once every few million years, there comes one who can defeat all and make peace between the 2 sides.  You are the one this time,” Skye said, watching his expression change drastically.

            “ Oh, this is wonderful.  Me, Justin Timberlake, the sole savior of the vampires.  This should be good,” Justin laughed, then noticed Skye’s solemn face, “ Ok, teacher.  Start your job.”

Skye nodded as she got to work.  She was desperate to get out soon.


            3 days later, Skye took Justin to meet her trainer.  Justin watched as the man’s disdainful gray eyes swept over him.

            “ I think next time I’ll let Robert do the training.  Get out Skye.  You obviously can’t help me any,” the man shooed Skye away.

Skye’s surprised face before it went back to its poker mask showed how she felt before Skye turned and walked out the door.  Justin looked around warily, as the trainer began to teach Justin what Skye already had, again.

Chapter 7