Chapter 5


            Justin found himself at a club when Skye finally stopped driving.

            “ I can tell you’re hungry and this is a good place for a meal for you,” Skye said, “ Hailey should’ve taught you last night, am I right?”

            “ Yeah, she came while I was asleep, so I wasn’t in a good mood,” Justin remembered the girl.

            “ Go on then.  I’ll be scouting the place and call you when it’s time to go,” Skye stuck the stake in a coat pocket as she let the hood reveal her beautiful hair.

Justin stood staring at her for a moment before he followed her inside and spotted a hot chick he thought might let him get her off alone.  Skye nodded to him and went in the opposite direction.

            Justin had just finished feeding on the girl when a knock came on the door.

            “ Who is it?” Justin asked.

            “ Skye,” Skye answered as Justin opened the door, “ Let’s go.  I can tell you have your fill.”

            Justin shrugged as he followed her.

            “ So, why exactly were we chosen to be immortal and stuff?” Justin asked, “ And where are we going?”

            “ First of all, Time decides our fates and sometimes he sees things in others that I guess makes them worthy of immortality,” Skye paused, “ We’re headed up to a training ground.  There is a war going on constantly between the vampires and the slayer.  Some vampires see that they cannot win and join our side.  You will be trained by them so that you may help me.”

            “ Why you?” Justin asked.

            “ Same reason why I got chosen to be the slayer.  He just chooses at random.  I’ll also be training you to use your powers,” Skye answered, “ Your power is still unknown, so don’t ask.”

Justin sat silently, as Skye speeded down the empty freeway.  Dawn was close and they weren’t far from their destination.

            Skye pulled up in front of a military base.

            “ Skye, nice to see you,” a dark haired guy said, “ Are you alone?”

            “ No, I brought back Justin.  He’s the One and needs to be put into a solitary room and training,” Skye answered, taking Justin’s arm to lead him inside.

 Justin stared at the weapons all around him and began to rethink his descion.

            “ Don’t even, Justin,” Skye somehow read his thoughts, “ Come with me.  We’ll begin your training immedietly.”

Justin stared into her blue eyes as she talked.  Skye seemed a bit flustered after a minute.  She covered it up by leading him to the room and then left him alone.  She had a report to make on the new recruit.

Chapter 6