Chapter 4


            Justin stood in his room, packing his bags, when a knock came on the hotel door.

            “ Yeah,” Justin opened up the door to reveal JC.

            “ Yo, man, why are you packing?” JC asked.

            “ Just getting ready for when we leave tonight,” Justin answered.

            “ It’s really dark in here, Justin.  Can I open up a window?” JC walked over to open up the curtains.

            “ No,” Justin said, “ My eyes are sensitive to the light right now, so I didn’t want them open.”

            “ Look, I’ll see you tonight,” JC didn’t know why Justin was being so weird.

            “ Bye, JC.  See ya around,” Justin replied.

JC looked at Justin with a weird look, but shrugged as he left to go to his room.

            Skye saw JC leave and quickly walked through the open door.

            “ Are you almost ready to go?” Skye asked softly.

            “ What?” Justin jumped, not hearing her come in.

            “ Are you ready to go?” Skye asked again with a soft smile on her lips.

            “ Yeah, I’m gonna miss the guys though,” Justin answered picking up the bags.

            “ Did you say goodbye?” Skye asked.

            “ Yes, but it won’t be the same without them,” Justin answered.

            “ Come on.  I know how to get out without going on land,” Skye lead him towards the elevator.

            “ Hey, Justin,” Joey yelled.

            The 2 turned to see the other 4 coming towards them.

            “ The stairs, take the stairs,” Skye pushed him towards the stairs.

Hearts pounding and breath ragged, they ran down the stairs, trying to get away from the other 4.

            “ Open,” Skye commanded the door and they rushed inside.

            “ Justin, open up.  This isn’t funny.  Where are you going?” Lance asked.

            “ Justin has been taken hostage.  Unless you leave this place Justin won’t ever see the light of day again.  I take that back.  He won’t ever see the light of day again,” Skye sent Justin a small smile as she opened up the bedroom door and whispered, “ We stay here until night.  There’s no way out until then.”

            The other 4 kept banging on the door trying to get Justin to come out.

            “ Let me tell them the truth,” Justin pleaded.

            “ Do you trust them enough that they won’t tell anyone?  If my true identity of the slayer got out, I’d be dead meat,” Skye asked.

            “ They won’t tell or they will be dead by the next morning,” Justin’s blue eyes glowed red at her question.

            “ Go ahead then,” Skye replied.

            Justin opened the door and let the other 4 in.

            “ Ok, Justin, what’s up?” Chris asked, “ First you’re all freaky and lie to us.  Now you’re trying to break up the band.  There had bettered be a good explanation.”

            “ There is,” Justin answered, taking a deep breath, “ Maybe Skye should explain it.”

            “ You 4 know me as a reporter by day, but by night I have a different job.  I am what they like to call the Slayer.  Justin was chosen by time to become immortal.  No longer is he like you 4.  Neither of us chose our destiny, but we must follow it now,” Skye explained.

            “ I’m not getting this.  You and Justin are both spirits?” JC asked.

            “ No, I am the slayer.  He is a vampire,” Skye answered.

            Dead silence rang in the room like a school bell.  4 pairs of eyes stared at Justin like he was a killer.

            “ I’m sorry, guys, but I’m no good dead,” Justin shrugged.

            “ We can’t have *N Sync with out you, Justin, so we’ll keep the story that you were murdered in your hotel room,” Lance said, “ Is there anyway we can help?”

            “ Yes, keep your mouths shut about this.  Tell the murder story, but keep it down low.  We’ll be in touch for sure,” Skye replied, “ I’m sorry guys, but you must go.  We have to leave and you can’t come.”

The 4 nodded slightly.  Justin grabbed his bags as they walked out of the room.

            “ See ya,” Justin said, following Skye down the stairs to a waiting rental car.

            “ Ok, time to work on a good story for the reporters,” Chris said, his devious mind already at work.

The other 4 went to a room to cover up for Justin.

Chapter 5