Chapter 3


            At the concert venue, the other 4 sensed Justin’s troubled mind.  They’d been together for so long that they noticed little things like that.  After the concert they finally spoke up.

            “ Justin, what’s up?” Chris asked, “ We can practically hear your thoughts, you’re thinking so loud.”

            Justin’s panicked face brought a short laugh before Justin realized it was a joke.

            “ If I changed and *N Sync couldn’t go on, would you guys still be there for me?” Justin asked, choosing his words carefully.

            “ Hey, we’ll be here for you no matter what.  We all promised that to each other,” JC answered, “ Care to tell us what’s bothering you?”

            Justin brought his eyes up to meet their worried ones.

            “ Sorry guys, its totally confidential,” Justin replied.

            “ Wow, when did we ever get that chick on our crew?” Joey asked with a low whistle.

            Skye walked by, giving Justin a knowing glance.

            “ Excuse me, but are you lost?” Joey asked.

            “ No, I found who I was looking for.  Justin, I’m Skye Robinson.  I have an interview with your now,” Skye answered, extending a hand like she was on a business mission, “ This is Hailey, my assistant.”

            Skye closed the door behind her and locked it.

            “ Have you made you decision?” Skye asked.

            “ Yeah.  I’ll be turned, since I’m no good to anyone dead,” Justin answered.

            “ I want you to relax, Justin.  Hailey assures me it doesn’t hurt a bit,” Skye massaged his tense shoulders as Hailey moved in.

            A slight sharpness and pressure was all Justin felt on his neck, then he felt a warm drink placed at his lips.

            “ Now sleep,” Skye’s hands fell over his eyes and under her command he slept dreamlessly.

            The other 4 waited outside patiently for Justin.  The reporter and assistant finally came out of the room.

            “ Mr. Timberlake fell asleep, the poor thing,” Skye said, “ Tell him I’ll be in touch soon.”

            “ Why does Justin always get the hot chicks?” Joey grumbled as a bodyguard picked Justin up effortlessly like he was a mere child.

            “ Stop your whining and come on,” Lance rolled his light green eyes.

The 4 walked out to the waiting limo.

Chapter 4