Chapter 2


                  “ Everyone, we’re here,” the driver yelled.

Groans came from the *N Syncers as they grabbed a suitcase to file off.  Justin hesitated, while the others walked on.  He remembered Skye’s words and decided to go to the room.

            “My rooms on this level.  See ya,” Justin got off on the 3rd floor.

            He approached 314 and knocked.

            “ Come in, Justin.  The door’s open,” the door swung open and Justin entered total darkness.

            “ Where are you?” Justin asked.

            “ Here,” a light turned on, showing Skye’s too-familiar face.

            “ Why do you want me?” Justin asked.

            “ Never question authority, Justin,” Skye answered.

            Skye looked up at him, her blue eyes threatening him to try anything.

            “ Can you tell me anything?” Justin asked, cautiously.

            “ Yes, you are one of the few that was never meant to live a mortal life.  You have been chosen by Time to live forever like us,” Skye answered.

            “ So, I become a vampire?” Justin asked.

            “ Not exactly.  You’ll be a vampire, but not the kind you see around on TV.  Time will use you to help me,” Skye answered patiently.

            “ What if I don’t?” Justin was curious.

            “ You’ll die.  Tomorrow is your 20th birthday, which marks your time to become immortal.  If you refuse, pain will climb all over you and not rest until you are dead,” Skye answered, “ Pleasant, huh?”

            Justin turned away, his mind filled with numerous questions.

            “ Ask more, I can tell you want to,” Skye ordered.

            “ How can I still be *N Sync if I’m a vampire?  I mean, no sun, no crosses and only blood, the guys will think I’m wack and crazy,” Justin asked.

            “ You can’t, Justin.  After becoming a vampire, you’ll come with me to begin a new life.  You will train to help us,” Skye answered.

            Justin still seemed troubled, but Skye was running out of time.

            “ You must go, Justin.  I have work to do,” Skye answered, noticing the dimming light, “ I’ll see you after the concert for your answer.”

Justin nodded and left.  Skye’s true blue eyes never left his tall thin body before she grabbed her coat and stake.  She had work to do.

Chapter 3