Chapter 11


            “ Sorry, wrong room,” Justin began to back away from the older gentlemen.

            “ No, it’s not the wrong room, but your friends already checked out, about 2 hours ago,” the man walked towards Justin, “ So, you’re the savior of the slayers?”

            “ I’m not too sure about that,” Justin faked a smile, before taking off down the hallway.

            He looked back and thanked God as he nimbly moved around people in his escape.  He saw Skye being taken out to a police car and headed that way.

            “ Skye,” he yelled, his legs beginning to give out.

That was the distraction she needed.  Throwing them backwards to free her wrists, she took off with Justin.

            “ They’re after us,” Justin muttered, starting the car, “ There was this old guy in JC’s place.  The other 4 have already been released.”

            “ You came in the nick of time.  Those policemen were vampires,” Skye breathed a sigh of relief.

            “ Hey, we’re a team and I don’t know where else to go,” Justin looked over at her.

            “ Get your eyes back on the road.  We’ll congratulate ourselves when we’re safe.  They’re on our tail,” Skye gave him a slight smile.

            Justin began to swerve in and out of the traffic, easily losing the police car.

            “ Where did you learn that?” Skye asked.

            “ It’s an essential part of escaping from crazed fans.  The guys taught it to me as soon as I could drive,” Justin answered.

            “ Good, we’ll be using it often,” Skye replied, with a slight smile.

            The two quickly ran into a house.  Skye pushed Justin into a trap door as light broke through.

            “ Skye, what’s up?” an average sized girl with long dark curls asked worriedly, looking up at them as they entered.

            “ Nothing, we just escaped from some guys.  It seems that Justin’s identity is out.  They’ll be targeting us, so we need to get going,” Skye answered.

            “ Ok, let me and Kathleen pack up.  It’ll take us all of five seconds,” the girl replied.

            “ Hurry, Nicole,” Skye replied.

The girl nodded and ran out.

            Justin felt Skye relax against him in the dark.  He pulled her close, feeling how drained she was.

            “ Don’t fall asleep on me,” Justin whispered.

            “ I’m tired.  Letting you drive takes a lot out of anyone,” Skye replied.

            “ Funny, Skye,” Justin rolled his eyes.

            “ Boy, I have a piece of wood at my side and I don’t care if you are my friend.  You make me mad and I will put it in you,” Skye snapped.

            Justin sensed she was scared.

            “ Don’t yell at me because you’re scared,” Justin murmured.

            “ I’m not scared,” Skye protested.

Justin just nodded.  Skye was thankful for the dark.  He couldn’t see the tear falling down her face.

Chapter 12