Chapter 10


              Skye sensed the vampires there and looked around the club.

            “ Justin, if you don’t have to feed, then don’t.  There are others here, so I’m keeping an eye on the guys,” Skye whispered.

            “ I’ll go get a girl, then join you again,” Justin moved away.

Skye nodded and walked with the other 4.

            Skye kept her trained eyes all around, noticing a table full of guys staring at her.

            “ Excuse me, Skye, want to dance?” a male voice asked.

Skye turned and stared into 2 chocolate brown eyes.

            “ Not with you, Mike,” Skye recognized the vampire.

            “ Come on, Skye, join our side.  You know we’re gonna win,” Mike hissed.

            “ Skye,” Justin came behind her and laid a protective arm around her.

            Skye saw Mike straighten up and try to stare down Justin though he was a good foot shorter.

            “ This is Justin, Mike.  He’s a friend that you will meet again,” Skye said cockily.

            “ You just made a big mistake baby.  You’ll never see light again,” Mike walked away.

Skye shrugged and gave Justin a small smile and patted the seat next to her.  He complied and let her lean her tired head against his shoulder.

            Something wasn’t right, Justin sensed.  A few people remained, but where had everyone else gone?

            “ Skye, let’s go,” Justin helped her up as she walked sleepily, “ Guys.”

The 6 were at the door when a blast threw them off their feet.  Searing heat seemed to burn the skin right off any mortal’s back.

            Justin lifted himself off Skye.

            “ Are you ok?” he asked.

            “ Yeah, I owe you one,” Skye let him help her up.

            “ What about the guys?” Justin saw her turn to walk towards the car.

            “ You have to get to shelter, Justin.  Dawn will be here soon,” Skye replied, “ They’ll be helped soon.”

Justin heard the sirens and jumped into the car, hating to leave his friends, but valuing his life.

            Justin looked around the underground place.  Light came from the doorway as Skye walked in.

            “ Where are we?” Justin asked.

            “ We’re at a secret place.  My friends and I have been thrown out, so we’ll do our normal jobs without the other’s help,” Skye answered, sitting down next to him, “ The other 4 are fine.  They were lucky.  Everyone else there was killed.”

            Justin stared at her as the words sunk in.

            “ They were trying to kill us, weren’t they?” Justin whispered.

            “ No, they were trying to kill me,” Skye corrected, “ They were vampires and we don’t really get along.”

            “ Can I see the guys?” Justin asked.

            “ Yeah, as soon as its dark,” Skye answered, “ I’ll come for you later.  Go to sleep.”

Justin watched her walk out and turned over to try and sleep.

             Moments later, an intense shaking brought him to life.

            “ Huh?” Justin rubbed his tired eyes.

            “ It’s dusk.  Let’s go,” Skye helped him up.

Justin grabbed his jacket and followed her out of the tunnel.  She handed him a hat and he put it on before entering the hospital.

         “ Excuse me, but I’m Skye Robinson, Joshua Chasez’s girlfriend,” Skye lied, bringing out her driver’s license.

            “ This way, Miss Robinson,” the orderly looked at her strangely.

            The 2 walked behind him and entered a room full of police.

            “ Miss Robinson, you are under arrest.  You have the right to remain silent,” a policeman began.

            “ Why?” Skye asked.

            “ Attempted murder for Mr. Josh Chasez, Lance Bass, Joseph Fatone, Chris Kirkpatrick and maybe even Justin Timberlake,” the man answered, “ Who are you?”

            “ Jason Sharp.  I work with Skye and had to bring her over here.  She was too hysterical to drive,” Justin lied, looking down.

            “ Take him down to the guy’s rooms,” the policeman ordered.

            “ Here, Jason,” Skye threw him the keys, “ Dusk is fleeting, with only hours left to it.”

Justin nodded, understanding her warning.

            He entered JC’s room.

            “ JC, we have a major problem,” Justin whispered.

            “ I’m not JC.”

Chapter 11**~COMING SOON~**