Chapter 1

19 years later


            A figure disappeared out of the fog, wearing a dark robe that covered their figure.  It advanced towards him quickly.  The hood was thrown back to reveal a girl with midnight black hair and the bluest of blue eyes.  Her strong hands held pieces of wood.  Unable to move, he watched helplessly as she moved them towards his heart.

            Justin sat up in bed.  He shook his head as he got out of his bunk.  The other 4 *N Syncers lay sleeping as the bus drove on to their next concert venue.

            “ The same dream, but why?” Justin muttered.

            The same dream had haunted him ever since the tour had started.

She’s so familiar, but I can’t remember where I’ve seen her before.

Justin took out some leftover pizza as loud footsteps approached.

            “ Why are you up, Justin?  You do this every night.  You go to sleep, then always get up at 3 am,” Lance asked.

            “ Nothing, Lance.  Go back to sleep before JC wakes up and yells at us both,” Justin answered, and Lance stumbled off to his bunk.

Justin cast 1 more glance around, then turned the lights of to go back to sleep.

            Justin closed his eyes only to be thrown back into the same nightmare.

            “ Who are you?” Justin heard himself asked.

            “ My name is Skye,” she answered.

            “ Where have I seen you before?” Justin asked.

            A scene was thrown before him.  Justin recognized his nursery and watched as the scene played like a film.

            “ You were my old babysitter,” Justin exclaimed.

            “ No, I’m her daughter and please listen to me.  I have only a certain amount of time.  Tomorrow when you arrive at your hotel, go to room 314.  Do so or the alternative will be, should I say, deadly?” Skye answered.

The hood covered her face as the fog totally immersed her, making her disappear.  For the first night in weeks, Justin was able to sleep dreamlessly.

Chapter 2