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Before you left


Before you left…my life felt complete

Before you left…my heart was mended

Before you left…the sun shone

But you left, long long ago


I stare at this pad of paper

Wondering what to think

You just left me here

Took you things and walked out my door

I can’t believe you’re gone

What did I do wrong?

Or was it even me?


Now that you’re gone…I am nothing

Now that you’re gone…my heart is shattered

Now that you’re gone…darkness encases me

Like a shadow inescapable


My heart is gone

My soul devoid

No longer do sunrises look so beautiful

The sun has long been set and never will it rise

All I can do is sit here

And hope no one sees

This tear I cry

I know you’re not coming home


This is what YOU did

My heart…you smashed

My sun…you extinguished

My soul…you took

And my life…you killed


Is not what I would call

The purgatory you left me in