Elvish to English Sindarin Dictionary

The words and definions i use are from a website no longer working, but its the Hisweloke Project and its their dictionary that i am taking the words from. You can rpint this out, whatever, just if you use it, give credit, please. Thanks. Entries are Underlined and definitions are in italics



A 1. (conj) and 2. (interj.) O!

Ab- (prefix) after, later

Abonnen- plural: eboennin 1. born later, born after 2. man, one being born later than the Elves 3. Elvish name for man (after-born)

Acharn- (n) vengence

achas n. dread, fear ad adv. back, again, ada n. father, daddy (hypocoristic) adab , pl. edaib n. building, house adan pl. edain n. man, ‘one of the Second People’ (elvish name for men) adanadar , pl. edenedair , n. one of the ‘fathers of men’ adanath coll. of adan , men adaneth n. fem. (mortal) woman adar , pl. edair , n. father adel prep. behind, in rear (of) å Ety/392 adertha- v. to reunite adertha ger. of adertha reuniting, reunion adlann (atland) adj. sloping, tilted adlanna- v. to slope, slant inf.-adlanno adlant (atlant) adj. oblique, slanting aduial n. the evening, time of star-opening (‘evendim’) aear n. sea; Tolkien changed this word several times, see gaear aearon n. great sea, ocean Tolkien changed this word several times, see gaearon aegais pl. of aegas aegas pl. aegais n. mountain peak aeglir n. range of mountain peaks aeglos n. 1. snowthorn (plant) — 2. icicle ael pl. aelin n. lake, pool, mere aelin pl. of ael aer ---->ADD IN PG 22!!!!<------ used as crest fixed to the point of a helmet amlug n. dragon ammen pron. of us, for us amon pl. emyn n. hill, steep-sided mount amrûn n. east, orient an- prefix with, by an prep. to, towards, for anann adv. long, for a long time anc n. jaw, row of teeth and (ann) adj. long andaith n. long-mark, sign used in writing alphabetic tengwar, over a vowel to indicate that it is lengthened. andrann (anrand) n. cycle, age (100 Valian Years) anfang pl. enfeng n. one of the ‘Longbeards’ (a tribe of dwarves) anfangrim class pl. anfangrim class pl. of anfang, ‘Longbeards’ (a tribe of dwarves) ang n. iron angerthas n. long rune-rows (extended version of the Cirth) anglenna- v. to approach 3rd pers. (he) will approach- anglennatha angol I n. stench II n. deep lore, magic angren , pl. engrin adj. of iron angwedh n. chain anim pron. for myself aníra- v. to desire ann-thennath n. pl. a verse mode, lit. ‘long-shorts’ (alternance of long and short vowels) anna- v. to give inf.-anno 1st pers.-ó nen annabon (andabon) n. elephant anno inf. of anna-, to give annon , pl. ennyn n. great door or gate annui adj. western annûn n. west, sunset annúnaid n. ‘westron’, the common speech Anor n. sun ant n. gift anu (anw) adj. male anwar n. awe aphad- v. to follow, etym. ‘to walk behind, on a track or path’ . aphadon , pl. ephedyn , n. 1. follower —2. by ext. man (elvish name for men) aphadrim- class pl. of aphadon , followers, men (elvish name for men) ar- prefix without âr n. king (used of a lord or king of a specified region) ara- prefix high, noble, royal arad n. daytime, a day aran , pl. erain , n. king (used of a lord or king of a specified region) aras n. deer ardh n. realm, region ardhon n. 1. great region, province —2. by ext. ‘world’ arn adj. royal arnediad adj. innumerable, countless, endless, without reckoning, numberless arod adj. noble aronoded adj. innumerable, countless, endless arphen , pl. erphin , n. a noble arwen n. fem. noble woman asgar (ascar) adj. violent, rushing, impetuous ast n. dust ath- prefix on both sides, across athan prep. beyond athelas n. ‘kingsfoil’, a healing herb brought to Middle-earth by the Númenóreans athra- prefix across athrabeth n. debate, converse athrad , pl. ethraid n. (river-)crossing, ford, way athrada- v. to cross, traverse athrado hi jtkjmln inf. of athrada-, to cross, traverse aur n. day, sunlight, morning auth n. war, battle ava- aux. will not avad ger. of ava- , refusal, reluctance avam 1st pers. pl. of ava- we won’t avo imp. of ava- don’t! avon 1st pers. of ava- I won’t avorn adj. staying, fast awarth n. abandonment awartha- v. to forsake, abandon