All about moi

Well, its kinda scary to think people would want to know more about me, but hey, i'll give this a whirl. If you want to know more, there's always my livejournal ( or you can email me




well, let's just say under 30

Anything else:

I want to be either a writer or an artist when i grow up. But since that's not going to happen, i'll settle for teaching it. I'm going to school right now, so maybe that helps you with age. I'm under 30. We'll leave it at that.

How did i come to love LoTR:

My sister, being the wonderful one she is, decided that the day after Christmas(you know the day you stay up practically all day and then get what about 2 hours of sleep on) The day after Christmas she decides to take us shopping and then to a movie. I am like a walking zombie and she wants to see LOTR. We go and see it and i fall asleep after the first ten minutes. I was really bummed and did not get one single part of the movie, since i did fall asleep, so me and dear old mum went and saw it again. That time i got so i went, read the books in about 3 days and then took my best friend to see it. I saw it again recently when i went up to Tahoe. Caeser's palace is a nice place. So that's my story. It helped that there were some cute guys in teh parts and some great acting on whoever plays Gandalf.

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<3 Kimberleigh