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Bailey's Page


Bailey is my 3 month old Toy Poodle. Here is Bailey's editorial and Pictures of him enjoying his new home.


What's Bailey Been Up too?

Lately I have been trying to figure out this whole potty training deal. Most of the time I do really well but every now and then I have a mistake in the house. Autumn gets really angry with me when I do this and she says "No No don't do that" I hate doing in the house but sometimes I can't control it.

Other then potty training Autumn and I go on excursions to all of my favorite places, Pets Mart, Pets Spot, and Casa Del Sol to see Aunt Catherine. I also get to play in the yard in the front and the back! I love playing, chasing everyone, playing with my toys, and rolling in the grass.

The only thing I haven't liked is getting a bath. It is not fun. I do not like being wet and getting soapy. It makes me very upset when this happens and it takes me a long time to feel better but Aunt Becky and Aunt Jenny try to make it better.




Bailey's Pictures


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