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Frequently Asked Questions - Weather Star 4000












The Star 4000 keeps losing video every few minutes.

Check the red LED on the 3B board.


LED Location on the 3B Board


If the red LED comes on when the video goes out, there is probably a problem with the video cipher.


If the red LED is not lit, tap the reset button on the 3B card.


Reset Button Location on the 3B Board


If this does not correct the problem, call for assistance.









Unable to dial into the Star 4000.

If the Star was recently reset, it will take an hour or so to load.


If the top 2 green LEDs on the 1A board are not on, then the software has not loaded yet.


LEDs on the 1A Board



The temperature is stuck on the screen.

Press the reset button on the front of the 3B card.


Star 4000 reset button



The unit has been on for hours, but there is no local forecast.

Check the data light on the 2A board. This is the fourth board from the left, and the data light is the second LED from the bottom.


Data LED on board 2A


Verify that there is baseband input into the Star.


Satellite baseband connection