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Film & Video
BMW Films - Hollywood directors making short films with chase scenes and Hollywood budgets. Complete with Directors comentary.
Atom Films - Kinda hit or miss but whatever. Shorts rule.
GPFO - Philly film stuff.
AICP - Helpful links.

Digital Editing
WWUG - Help with a full range of programs.
Creative Cow - Like WWUG, with some great totorials.
Digital Editor - Help with all things Digital.
IEEE 1394 Training Page - Everything you wanna know about Firewire. Requires some base knowlegde though.

 Nirvana- A good fan site for my personal favourite
  Jimmy Eat World- Great page, lots of multimedia. These guys are the best band around.
 Descendents- Third best band ever.
 The Levellers- Tragically overlooked  British band.
 Motorplant- Cool band from my neck of the woods.
 At the Drive-in- Good history page. Sad to see them break up.

 Harmony Central- Cool site for almost any guitar need.
 Descendents tabs- Hard to find tabs from Everything Sucks.
 Levellers tabs- Only good place to find tabs for their stuff.
  Misfits tabs- Includes explanation on reading tab for novices.
  Chili Peppers Tabs- This one has one of my tabs. YAY!
 Big Ears- Free ear trainer.
 Fender- Best guitars in the world.
 zZounds- Good deals on lots of stuf.f

Friends Pages
Dan's page
Andy's page
Paul's page
Bart's page
Josh's page

The Inexplicable Section
Lobster Magent -Probably my favourite.
All of your base are belong to us - Cool.
Hat Song - All I have to say is: wow.

The Hunger Site- Feed the hungry with one click. Check out the links on the top to save the rain forest and help children with aids.
The Divine Comedy Research Edition- This site is AWESOME. The very coolest for Dante fans. It includes three translations of the work. The original Italian, English by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, and English by H.F. Cary. It also gives you  a choice of viewing art by Salvador Dali, Gustav Dore,  Andrew(?) Bottecelli, or many others.
Id Software - Hey, these are the guys that made DOOM. What more could you want?
Illusion Works- Cool optical illusions
Cromulent- Possibly the coolest page on the net
Perpetual Motion Films - My production company.
My site Dialectized - Definately cool