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    Recently there have been many accounts of Huggie Monsters in the greater Philadelphia area. Experts have mapped out the sightings and have discovered they appear localized around the area of my room. They approached me and asked me to keep my camera handy in case I should come across the fabled Huggie Monster. I'd always thought the whole thing was a myth but I decided it woudln't hurt ot have my camera handy.
    Well one day I was eating peanut butter toast when my eye lit upon a very special sight. There was a Huggie Mosnter staring right back at me from behind the dense foliage of our room. Of course I was shocked and amazed beyond belief but I was able to snap this picture, incontrovertable proof that at least one Huggie Monster does exist.
    Since that faitful day I have seen the Huggie Monster several times, and have even developed a relationship with him, though I have taken very few pictures. (The flash seems to bother him.) Huggie (As I like to call him) and I have reached the point where he allows me to hug him from time to time. I must warn you however, if you ever come across a Huggie Monster in the wild DO NOT ATTEMPT TO HUG him. I have been steadily building a relationship of trust with Huggie for the past several months and even now he only allows me to hug bregrudgingly.
    Here are a  few tips on what I  like to call "Huggie Monster Etiquette." First of all, NEVER mess with a Huggie Monster's nest. I tried this once at the beginning our relationship this was the result. HUGGIE.AVI Also, never attempt to hug a Huggie Monster on the way to the shower, they HATE that. When trying to build a relationship with a Huggie Monster a good starting point is to order him Village Pizza. This appears to be a Huggie Monster's favorite food.

UPDATE: The Huggie Monster had migrated! Apparently he spends the spring/summer in the land of co-op, and therefore my room has been deprived of it's most treasured natural attraction.