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Wolf Scripts: Scripts by Aaron Roth

Screenplays finished or in the works

I have been writing for four years, and have just started to hone my talents, focusing on the Werewolf archtype and placing a Werewolf hero in any genre of my choice. My latest creation, "Lupus" is a story about a 21 year old college student who finds out that he is a werewolf (heredity). His parents are systematically slaughtered and the killer's next victim is Sean, the hero, himself. Needing to come to terms with his own identity at the same time saving his life from the numerous werewolves set out to kill him. Sean is Lupus, Sean Lupus. "Aurora" is a concept I came up with, where in an alternate dimension, where day is night, and you become the physical appearance of you personality. Jared has to bring order to the cosmos as the four elements battle for their position at the throne. "Psi-Man: Mind Force Warrior" is an adaptation that I wrote strictly for educational purposes and is now a writing sample. Not for sale until I option it. The two short scripts, "Magic Castle, and "Fang's Full Moon" are pieces I wrote to get aquainted with the form. When I have the time, I might transform them into feature scripts. "Fang's Full Moon" was published in a small fanzine entitled, "Fang, Claw, and Steel" Aside from writing screenplays, I have taken a stab at narrative writing, and have written numerous short stories, plus I am working on writing a novel entitled "Imortality". I plan on finishing all my screenplays and establishing myself as a writer before I write the final draft of Imortality.