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Welcome to Wolfs corner!!! Please look around, here you'll find info on wolves (as if you havent guessed) and the Tv show Poltergeist the Legacy. Also check out my album at the top-in links.

Info on wolves

  • * wolves live in large family groups called packs.
  • * each pack has an alpha male and female, these are the leaders of the pack (no pun intended) and are also the only ones who breed)
  • * wolves are quite nervous creatures, make a loud noise and they're off
  • * they communicate by howling. These howls travel long didstances and are actually diiferent notes. Each howl is a different note to the one before


  • ~ears forward, tail up = authority
  • ~ears down, tail down = submissive
  • ~ears forward, teeth bared = authority
  • ~ears back, laying down showing stomach = submissive
  • ~mouth open, ears forward, tail wagging = playful


  • -the romans believed wolves were lucky
  • -ancient china: wilves caused the eclipse
  • -ancient egypt: wolves were leaders
  • -wolves were thought to be gods of light (dont know who by, sorry) I also have a photo album with lots of nice pics.

    Info on Poltergeist the Legacy

    What is Poltergeist the Legacy?

  • This is a TV show which focuses on the efforts of members of a secret societ to cobat against the forces of evil (demons,vampires,ghost sect.)They are located in a castle on Angel island

    What is the Legacy?

    The Legacy is the secret society that these members work for. It is thought to be from the time of the druids, but could be as early as ancient Greece. They operate under the guise of the Lunar Foundation and are dotted round various locations all over the world. The sociey operates in houses, these houses are run and governed by a 'Precept'. The Precept is identified by the signet ring they wear with the Legacy 'L' on it.

    Who are the main members in the series and who plays them?

    The main members are:
  • Derek rayne- Derek de Lint
  • Alex Monrae- Robbi Chong
  • Rachel corrigan- Helen shaver
  • Nick Boyle- Martin Cummins
  • For loads more information on Poltergeist the Legacy,including pictures, role play and fan fiction PLEASE go to the new legacy ring- link at the top of the page. For pictures, go to the my pictures album link at the top.(3rd one down)
  • Thank you for visiting my page at Angelfire.please come back and visit again!!!