Sep 28, 2003
Atma Darshan Yogashram, DSC Road, Kumaraswamy Layout, Bangalore-560 078
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The Pawanmuktasana™ series, which includes:

  • PMA1 - the antirheumatic group
  • PMA2 - the digestive /abdominal group
  • PMA3 - the Shakti bandhas (energy block) releasing group

There are 3 levels of practice:

1. with awareness and counting of the physical movements and of the anatomy and physiology of these movements, ie awareness of the bones, joints, ligaments and muscles involved in the movements and how they interact. This activates the body, and the mind is also activated developing mental awareness, relaxation, objectivity (witnessing), and focus.

2. coordinating physical movement with the flow of breath. This slows the pace of movement and increases mental relaxation and awareness. It also increases the effect on the pranic flow, increasing the vitalising and other health benefits.

3. with awareness of the flow of prana. This further enhances the free flow of prana and the health of the bodymind.

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