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Viktor Krum Shrine

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You Know You're Obsessed With Viktor Krum When...

Why You Should Love Viktor Krum
written by Krum-Luver

  1. He's Bulgarian.

  2. He was Durmstrang's Champion, which means he's smart.

  3. He took Hermione to the dance, and if he's good enough for her, he's good enough for us.

  4. He's hot as hell! (I'm thinking a younger Gavin Rossdale!)

  5. He's in love with Hermione, not because she's a hottie, but because she's intelligent and sweet. How many celebrities are like that?

  6. He has the sexiest accent. (Viktor: "I haff no clothes on!")

  7. He plays a great game of Quidditch.

  8. He's willing to make sacrifices to bring some sort of victory to his team and people. (That amazing catch at the Quidditch World Cup.)

  9. He turned his head into a shark's just for the woman he loved! Isn't that romantic? *swoons*

  10. He's sort of na´ve (and that's kind of cute).

  11. He's so shy! SQUEEEE!

  12. He doesn't brag about how many trophies he has or how big his package is.

  13. He doesn't feel Hermione up in the middle of the Great Hall.

  14. He wants to leave his evil school and go to Hogwarts. (Hmmmmm, new Quidditch coach? No no, I got it! Sex Ed Teacher! "Now class, this is called the 'Veelbarrow'.......")

  15. He swallows his pride.

  16. Tall, dark, and self-loathing...Who can resist a man like that?

  17. He hates Karkaroff! (That's my boy!)

  18. He and Hermione would have such cute kids! (Big brown eyes, black curls...awwwwww!)

  19. He has cool initials. (Ok, I know that's a dumb reason, but you get my point! HE'S A COOL GUY!!!)

  20. You should love him because Theresa and I say so, damnit!! And if you don't, we'll come over and throw cookie dough at you.

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