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Viktor Krum Shrine

Home of the S.S. Viktory and Inn for L.O.F.F.

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About Viktor Krum

Name Viktor Krum
Age 18, as of 1994 (Goblet of Fire)
Location Bulgaria
School Durmstrang
Graduation Year 1994-1995
Occupation International Quidditch Seeker for the Bulgarian team
Achievements Triwizard Champion for Durmstrang, International Quidditch Seeker, and star of the last Quidditch World Cup
Crush Hermione Granger, 14, of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry
Appearance Dark hair, dark eyes, dark skin, tall, thin, muscular, bushy eyebrows, hooked nose
Personality Quiet, polite, smart, doesn't like fame, shy, kind, stubborn, brave, honorable, honest
Family Mum and Dad, we don't know of any siblings
Additional Info "He's sexy and hot!" -Joli