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There are many misconceptions, lies, and embellishments made about vampires. I'm here to tell you the truth. For one, vampires aren't evil demons running around trying to kill people. They try to stick to small animals. Vampires won't boil in the sun, so you can't kill them that way. If you drive a stake through anyone's heart, they're going to die, come on! Vampires like to lurk around at night and would prefer to sleep all day and stay out all night, as opposed to the opposite. They're just night creatures, like owls. VAMPIRES DO NOT TURN INTO BATS. That's stupid and whoever came up with it is a completely ignorant idiot. Plus, no one has ever caught someone turn into a bat. It's physically impossible to change our DNA into something else. It's physically impossible to change into anything other than ourselves by mutating.

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