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Here are some facts on vampires:

-All vampires today are neophytes.

-Neophytes are half vampires.

-There are only 2 of the original 7 vampires left that were born of Lillith. (see History of Vampires for more details)

-Vampires won't burn up and die in the sunlight.

-If you drive a wooden stake through ANYONE'S heart, they're going to die.

-Vampires have a big sex drive.

-Vampires cannot feel true emotion. They pretend to and that's why they make such good actors/actresses.

-Vampires won't marry. Ever.

-Vampires tend to be very attractive and mysterious, so make sure you don't see any of these signs when you think a guy is hot:

Pale skin.

A streak of brown in their left eye.

Always wears long sleeves.

Likes meat as rare as it goes.

Would rather be reading than anything.

-Neophytes tend to fall in love. (not full fledged vampires)

-Neophytes like women with brown-red hair, brown eyes, sexy air to them, charming smile, and super natural abilities. (yes, they can tell)

More facts will be added soon. Any questions: