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Vampires and neophytes are dangerous in their nature, but there are other dangerous supernatural we need to look out for. For many years, a power undescribed has been called the sixth sense, magic, clairvoyence, and disastrous.
Many innocent people have been killed or tortured because they showed slight signs of odd behavior. People feared them because they didn't understand them. Psychics. Psychics have a sixth sense called clairvoyence.
Clairvoyance is the ability to see things that normally, people can't see. For instance: a person with clairvoyance can see short glances of the future, they can see through opaque things, and they can see into peoples' minds (like reading thoughts).

There are four dimensions parallel to ours. Every so once in a while, a psychic hole is breached and supernatural energy is leaked from it. To whom the hole leaks upon depends on energy level. If someone's energy level matches that of the energy leaking from the hole, then that person is leaked on. Once that person is leaked on, they mental and psychic state is strengthened and they are more able to conserve that energy for later use. When you first recieve your powers, you have dreams of things yet to come. Subconsiously, the energy is too overwhelming so it leaks into others mind, therefore causing extreme danger. That person could look into the energy reciever's mind and make him/her go insane. But if you train your power correctly, you will be able to develop telekenisis, telepathy, clairaudience, and maybe even learn divination. For more questions, email me at