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Lesson 4

This is Lesson Four. Please make sure that you have mastered the first three lessons. It's vital that you do. Bad things have happened to people who have jumped ahead. Lesson four is basically sending people thoughts, like telepathy.

The materials you'll need include...

-two white candles
-one white flower (any kind)
-a white mug (or cup)
-hot water (in a seperate bowl)
-Chamomile tea bag
-a piece of parchment
-a paint brush
-red paint
-amethyst stone

First, light the two candles. Put the white flower in back of the candles and the hot water in the middle of the two. Place the mug/cup to the side with the chamomile tea bag in it. Put the paper and paint to the side as well. Imagine the flames of the candles lighting up the person's mind who you want to send thoughts to. Say these words while concentrating hard on the flames keeping the person's mind lit up:

Words that run
Before my pace
And carry me
Beyond this place,
Please the eyes
That greet thee next,
And work my will
Within thy text.

Write your thoughts you wish to send to that person with the red paint on the parchment. Fold it, and put it aside. Pour the hot water into the white cup and wait for it to brew. Each time you take a sip, turn the cup slightly. Continue this process until the tea is all gone. Take the parchment with your thoughts you wish to send and hold it over the candle. Let the edges of the folds become charred. Drop the charred parchment into the bowl that had the hot water in it. Drip some wax over it. Put the white flower in your pillow case or under your pillow along with the charred parchment. Take the tea bag and open it so the leaves fall into the cup. Drop the amethyst stone into it and let it sit until the candles burn down. After, take the stone and put it on a chain, in a pocket, or in your hand while you sleep.

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