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Lesson Three

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Welcome to lesson three. Please make sure you've mastered lessons one and two. If you haven't, please go master them. Lesson three is a very important lesson. This will help you control your energies and to keep focused.

Read closely:

You will need...

-one blue candle
-oil/holy water
-sharp instrument (needle, safety pin, etc.)
-incense (if felt needed)

Take the sharp instrument and write the person's initials who's mind you wish to enter (without harming it or them). Take the oil on your fingers and slowly dress the candle in it. Once you have done that, light the candle and concentrate. Imagine that person's mind. Imagine a wall in front of their mind, and a small crack in the wall. Thoughts are leaking out of the crack. Imagine yourself sitting in front of that crack with a book, and that person's thoughts are writing themselves out in the pages. Once you're done, imagine yourself standing and reading the book. You most likely wont get this your first try. It's more complex than lesson two. If you don't know about lesson two, visit it, master it, then come back here. If you do this lesson correctly, you will be reading someone's thoughts and you will be strengthening your psychic abilities.

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