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Lesson 2

Lesson One
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This is Lesson Two. Please make sure that you've mastered lesson one. Lesson two is more complex and takes a lot of psychic energy. Patience, concentration, and complete silence is what you need for this next lesson.

Read closely:

materials you will need:
-a fresh bowl of water with ashes of incense, soil, and wax from a candle.
-a dark red candle
-two red roses
-a white cloth (any kind)
-a pillow
-a small hand mirror

Place the pillow in the center of the room. Spread the white cloth in front of it. Place the bowl of water with all the elements in it in front of the pillow and on the white cloth. Put the two roses in front of the bowl, each facing away from each other. Put the candle behind the bowl and light it. Take the hand mirror and hold it up to see your face. Stare at your forehead. Imagine a small screen on it. Imagine your thoughts played out on the screen and a line coming from it into the mirror. After you have acheived this, place the mirror behind the candle, mirror side down. Take the rose facing left in your right hand and the rose facing right in your left hand. Place the roses in the bowl of (holy)water in a way that the petals are in the water. Take the lit candle and stick the flame into the water, and concentrate on the water. Imagine it turning red like blood. Once you have acheived this, put the candle down and pull the roses out. Take the mirror and point it towards the water bowl and imagine the thoughts pouring into the bowl. Empty the bowl in a dead bush and watch the bush blossom and your psychic strength grow throughout the next few weeks. Do this every four weeks.

It may take more than one try to master this. Remember that lesson three will be much more complex and that if you advance or if you have advanced, without completing the last lesson, your energy could go out of control with stress and you could accidentally hurt someone. (unexplicably)

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