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History of Vampires

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Everything that you are about to read is 100% guarunteed to be true. The ideas of vampires have been embellished so much, that it's impossible for the public mind to "believe" in vampires. But once they get the life sucked out of them, they won't have time to believe.

Vampires go back to 300 A.D when the first signs of unusual behavior were noticed. People, usually male people, hid inside a house with no windows until night, then went prowling around searching to quench their frightening thrist for blood. They would feed on small animals, and sometimes even humans.

But the true origin of Vampires, is Lillith. She was a great woman who was born at the time Adam and Eve were said to be. Lillith tried to stand up for her rights as woman to be an equal to all men, but the men of the time were stubborn, and thought that Lillith was an evil sorceress who only wanted power. So, the men banished her into Hell, where she was transformed into a demon by Satan. For revenge, every night she would take form of a bat and go around towns killing male children and sucking their blood until they werer pale. By the time anyone noticed, it was too late. Lillith spawned seven full-fledged vampires, and they two spawned, but their children were only neophytes (half-vampires).

Now, the vampires who are on the earth right now, are either neophytes, or one of the seven original vampires. Of course, only two of the seven remain. The rest were tortured until death. Other origins of vampires were in Asia, where men would kill goats and cows, and drink their blood out of goblets. They too stay hidden from the sunlight. Over time, neophytes have developed more human-like characteristics. They are not sensitive to sunlight, they don't have very long fangs, and they do not take form of a bat.

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