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Through the Mind of the Uncouthe One

Through the Mind of the Uncouthe One

<Thank you for coming to my site. My name is Camdyn. I am 18 years old. I have a gorgeous girlfriend named Dohmanh. She is in the candle-lit picture with me. I am from Springfield, Missouri. I play the bass and can sing. I really enjoy music, poetry, and art. But most of all I enjoy Dohmanh. She is the reason I am here typing today. Without her I would not have made it through many of life's hardships. And with her I will make it through anything the world decides to throw at us.Dohmnah, I love you. My best friend Cainan has also been a major support for me. In combination with what Dohmanh has done for me, I owe these two everything I am. I love you, too Cainan...And Nyssa don't feel left out. There is still room for one more>

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!i!i!i!ChEcK ThEsE OuT!i!i!i!

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