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First and far most I, Tiffany, would like to welcome you to my homepage. This will answer any questions you might have about me. The first thing I would like to address is that on my profile it says "Long-term relationship" which mean I live with my Provider. (No, NOT a Master and NOT a boyfriend.) The only reason I have that put up is because I will NOT sleep with anyone. I sleep with only one guy and that is the only safe way I stay well and not sick. AND I DO NOT LIVE ALONE! So if I am talking to you and then stop I am NOT on the computer. There are OTHERS who use the same computer that I use!! So DO NOT get mad!! As you can see I am light brown and short. My eyes are a brown almost hazel color and my hair has gotten longer since I took this pic. I have NO MORE NEW pics and I have no web cam so Please STOP Asking me! I am 24 in this pic and will be until next year. I live in the great state of GA, which is in the great country of the USA. If you really want to know yes I live near the ATL arear but I will NOT meet anyone becaues of a trust thing. I will refuse to put my life in any danger just to meet someone. Too many crazies out there and you just can't tell by looking or talking on the phone or by internet. Please feel free to email anytime.