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the destruction

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Together Nevets, Anitsirk, Anirt, Remis, Ginger, and Nörmak are unstoppable. They spread their empire using immoral techniques. No one can stand in their way, that is except for the Crawtan Elders. This small and highly advanced groups of Crawta are opposed to such behavior, even though human sacrifice is a vital tradition in their culture. Thus, the Crawta gather all their troops together and ambush Nevets and the others. They were struck down. Anirt and Remis barely escaped, and Anitsirk fled when she saw Nevets fall. Ginger was taken (after the battle) by twin Elven Princesses, Rebma and Loriana Mosolf. Meanwhile, Nörmak's closest friend, Susej Tsirk, brought Nevets from his grave. The Crawta had thought that they had won, but a hidden and unknown group were playing the Crawta and everyone on Alzar as if the were peices in a chess game. One wrong move and they were out, but the Crawta had gotten rid of their biggest threat, Nevets. This group is going to rise and all of Alzar is going to be at their feet, once again. Nevets, Anitsirk, Anirt, Remis, Ginger and Nörmak will either overcome this great power or they will fall to their mercy. No matter what happens the six will become only five.