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Welcome to cOmM@nDeR 911

Welcome to cOmM@nDeR 911.

I remind you that this is not an emergency line, it is my personal website lol. I am cOmM@nDeR, it is not my real name of course.It is my name on most of the forms i am registered at. I have lots of experince in computers especially in webdesigning and i am learning hacking for knowledge in addition to programming. I've had lots of sites and forums which i will give you the address of them later. For now i hope you enjoy the site and the different things on it.Please report ant problems in the site See you around people.

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My Favorite names to be called

My Favorite Web Sites

H2kclan-I am urging all my visitors to join H2kclan
The first company I used 2 make my first site
My forum