Hypnosis/Mind Control in Anime

There used to be a web page similar to this, but unfortunately it disappeared, so I'm going to try to build a listing of hypno scenes from as many anime as I can think of, with screenshots or brief videos if I can get them. Submissions welcome, and will be credited. Include whatever name you want listed with your submission.

Arc the Lad

pics from Hypno Anime Mind-Control Database

The enemy decides to use Liza's latent powers for their own purposes, and captures her. Arc and his friends fight their way into enemy territory to try and rescue her, but it's been a trap all along. Liza has been hypnotized to stab her friend and escape with her new master, Clive. Clive uses Liza's powers to open a seal that will unleash darkness upon the world, you know the whole megalomania trip. She obeys his every order without question.


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Reika is bitten by a vampire and forced to attack the star of the show, Babel. She fights it off, but then the vampire's bite starts to change her.


pics from Hypno Anime Mind-Control Database

Mori (a student of the Borgman team (working undercover as teachers))'s classmate shows her a strange starfish creature he captured and put in a jar. He opens the jar and Mori is attacked. The creature takes over her body. Notice the blank expression in pic #3. Now enslaved to the creature, she and her friends gain incredible strength and fight against the Borgmen.

The MCer is never named, except as Master. He kidnaps Liza. Her brother Ken tries to rescue her, but Dastgeed has turned her into his pet dominatrix, with new powers, new clothes, the whole nine yards. Things really get tough for Ken and the Borgmen when "Master" adds his powers to hers.

"Hello, Miki, my name is Dastgeed, and I'm so evil
I'm going to ambush you here in the women's locker
room of the police station! Nice panties, by the way."
"Ah, ah, ah, you naughty girl!"
Oh, Miki,
What a pity
You don't understand
This flower will control you
And your free will's now been canned.
Now, Miki,
You will hunt my foes at my command
Those f***ing Borgmen, Miki
You'll lock them up, Miki, up, Miki,
Arrest those Borgs, Miki!

Okay, I suck at parodies. I don't even know if anybody'll even get it.

Corrector Yui

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The bad guy, Grosser, pretends to be Professor Inuta for several weeks, drawing Yui's friend Haruna into his power and eventually transforming her into the evil Corrector, Dark Haruna.

Cowboy Bebop

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A man named Londes appears on TV preaching the separation of mind from body to purify it of the body's desires. Faye appears, looking dazed, and talking about the wonders of the cult ("if I get rid of my body I won't need money," and so on), which it is later discovered, uses a new VR game system (complete with the usual goggle setup) and high-pitched sounds to brainwash people into joining.

Devil Hunter Yohko

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Azuza runs across an antique clock while cleaning a shrine. The clock calls out to her and ensnares her mind, manipulating her into trying to open a gateway for it. Yohko tries to stop her, but Azuza attacks mindlessly, emotionlessly, mercilessly, at the clock's command.


While holding a bunch of humans hostage in an attempt to find and destroy the 8th Digidestined child, Myotismon has Demidevimon put the hostages into a deep, hypnotic sleep. Later, after Myotismon is apparently defeated, the hypnotized hostages sit up and start chanting "Myotismon...lord and master..." something something something, as part of a prophecy foretelling Myotismon's return as Venommyotismon.

I wish I had some pics of Tai's and Kari's MILFy mom under hypnosis to go here.

Dragon Ball Z

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Chichi and some others are transformed into vampire-like creatures by a funky black mist that is unleashed around Master Roshi's island. Anyone who breathes the mist becomes Garlic Jr.'s evil slave, likewise anyone bitten by someone who has breathed the black mist. Gohan goes to find his mother, but finds she's changed. No mercy from Mom, she attacks him like he was standing between her and the last Furby (remember those?).

Excel Saga

No on-screen mind-control, but judging by Excel's slavish devotion to Lord Ilpalazzo, you gotta know she's rather heavily brainwashed.

Flame of Recca

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Be careful what you wish for. Fuuko wishes for power so she can defeat Recca. She gets a gauntlet with power over the wind from a villainess, but power comes with a price, and this time, it's Fuuko's will. She becomes a puppet for the bad guys to use against Recca.

Ghost Sweeper Mikami

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Emi thinks she's chasing after her dream-boy, but it's really a vampire, who bites her and makes her his vampire servant. He gives her a bunch of lesser vampires to command, and they go attack Mikami, but Mikami proves "troublesome" and they have to think of another plan.


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Nagisa is captured by the evil Iczer-2 and taken to the Cthuwulf base. Iczer-1 attempts a rescue, and is relieved to see Nagisa apparently okay, but Nagisa shoots her with energy from the black bracelet fitted on her by Iczer-2. Nagisa knows what's going on, but she can't do anything because her body is no longer under her control.


pics from Hypno Anime Mind-Control Database

vid clip thanks to our friends at the Collective

Somewhere in Feudal Japan, there's a weird little village with some even weirder villagers, possessed by demon eggs they've swallowed. They capture Sango and drag her underwater, and the headlady crams one of the eggs in Sango's mouth. Back on the surface, InuYasha & co. are fighting the slave villagers, when Sango joins in, on the villagers' side. The only thing worse than fighting a friend is fighting a friend with stanky breath. Even Miroku (her secret crush) gets no mercy from Sango.

The monster known as Chouhakkai has special headbands that cause people they land on to fall in love with him (where can I get me some of those?!?!). He decides he wants Kagome in his harem and chucks a headband. InuYasha chases it, trying to keep it away from her, but in vain. A headband lands on Kagome, and she instantly falls in love with the monster. She goes to his side and calls him "Lord," and they disappear. She serves him as his devoted love-slave while InuYasha hurries to the rescue.

Kagome's the victim again, but this time it's Menomaru who wants to mess with her head. He orders his followers to control her by placing a magatama jewel on her head (not to be confused with shikon no tama). Her soul rejects it and shatters the crystal. Not to be defeated, Menomaru smears a Shikon no Tama shard with his blood, and combines it with another magatama jewel. This combination gets past Kagome's defenses and the jewel melts into her forehead. The jewel glows and Kagome becomes a puppet to Menomaru's will. She is able to fly and shoot acidic blades from her glowing claws. Like Nagisa, above, Kagome has free thought, but her body is no longer hers to control, and she's forced to pin InuYasha to a tree (deja vu, ne?)

La Blue Girl

Scenes submitted by Hypnotic Teddy Bear:

In volume 3, the main character Miko is implanted with a tiny tranceiver that places her under the control of a pair of Evil Ninjas.

In volume 6, Fubuki is kidnapped by cyborgs and converted into a killing machine to be used against one of their enemies.

Legend of Lemnear

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vid clip thanks to our friends at the Collective

Lemnear (that's the half-naked girl in the pics) confronts the slaver, Vuan, demanding his slaves be freed. He threatens one with a dagger, much to her dismay, but that's only a distraction. One zap from his eyes, and Lemnear is another meek, obedient slave for Vuan to grope and fondle at his pleasure.

Mega Man

submitted by Deathwish There are those who would argue this is an American production, not an anime, but it's close enough in style and there are enough Japanese names in the credits that it could be mistaken for an anime.

Episode: The Beginnings

Flashback episode. Dr. Wily reprograms several robots, and tries to do the same to Rock and Roll, but Rock interrupts Dr. Wily before he can begin the surgery on Roll. Nice peril scene though. Episode: Cold Steel

Dr. Wily is using subliminal messages to control humans, including the mother of a deaf girl who Roll and Megaman befriend.

Episode: Mega Dreams

Dr. Wily finds out his new machine can hypnotize people in their sleep.

Episode: Curse of the Lion Men

Weird lion men use their powers to turn people into other lion men. Roll gets reprogrammed.

Episode: Bad Day at Peril Park

Dr. Wily's new amusement park is just a front to hypnotize the visitors.

Mega Man NT Warrior (AKA Rockman.EXE)

pics from Hypno Anime Mind-Control Database

Megaman and Roll get ready to fight.

Roll's operator, Meilu, was given a special
Battlechip that's supposed to increase Roll's
power, and guarantee victory. During the fight,
she inserts the chip.

The Devil Battlechip begins to reconfigure
Roll with evil programming...

...high heels...


...and a whip. Behold Devil Roll, who no
longer follows Meilu's commands.

The plot thickens as Meilu's opponents
give Devil Roll even further enhancements,
allowing her to weild deadly lightning attacks.

Devil Roll refers to Meilu as her "former
operator" and ruthlessly attacks Megaman
with the aid of her former enemies.

Pretty Cure

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Miss Yoshimi is chasing after the new teacher on campus, not knowing he's one of the bad guys in disguise. He hypnotizes her by touching her forehead (talk about an easy subject) and makes her lure the heroines out of class and into the gym.

Pretty Sammy

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Misao is cornered in her apartment by Princess Rumia, who pulses hypnotic power from her eyes. Misao quickly falls under Rumia's power and is given a second personality, Pixie Misa, who fights for Rumia, and when she's done, Misao has no memory of what happened.


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The villainess Caldina uses magical chimes on her costume to hypnotize Umi and Hikaru. Their friend Fuu finds them, but thinks there's something wrong (duh). Caldina commands her slaves to attack Fuu, and they do so, without thinking or speaking.

Star Ocean EX

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Our heroines defeat a plant monster and make it promise never to hurt humans again. The moment they let their guard down, however, the plant monster scoops Rena and Celine up into the air with its tentacles. It bites them on the neck, Vampire-style, then drops them. The others run to their aid, but Rena and Celine, now mindless dolls with red eyes, attack them. The monster explains that it promised never to hurt humans, but never said these two couldn't. (Sounds like the lawyer of the plant kingdom to me)

Steel Angel Kurumi

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Kurumi is badly damaged in battle. As a defense mechanism, her Combat System takes over, shutting down her mind and tapping into hidden überpowers. When her family shows up, she attacks them as well (unable to recognize them without her mind), and sprouts black wings.

Yami no Matsui

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Though Maria is under Muraki's power, she refuses to do any more evil deeds for him. He puts a finger to her forehead (damn, another easy subject), her eyes glaze over and she goes limp as she obeys his commands. He turns her into a vampire and gives her a village to snack on. When the hero goes to investigate, Muraki makes her try to kill him.


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Malik captures Téa and uses his Millennium Rod to brainwash her into his mindless slave. He uses his power to speak through her and explain that Téa will be his hostage, forcing Yugi to duel against Joey (also a mindless slave).

Since Season One never made it to America, Téa will be referred to as Anzu (which means Apricots, btw) for this description. Anzu encounters Shaddi (who apparently is a villain in Season One). He makes her attack Yugi, then sticks her out on a plank to force him to play a game with him. (And all the Anzu-bashers of the world were going "DROP! DROP! DROP! DROP!")

Of course we know who won, becauze Anzu was still alive in later seasons.

Street Fighter

pic from Hypno Anime Mind-Control Database

M. Bison (known in Japan as Vega) uses microchip implants to control some of the fighters, including Chun Li and others, but since none of the others are female, I won't bother mentioning them. The pic above is from the scene where he's stroking her cheek and commenting on how nice it is now that she doesn't have a mind of her own.