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Michigan Mountain Curs

Hello welcome you to Tall Oaks and Cargills Mountain Cur Kennel! These dogs are used for pleasure hunting squirrel and coon. Butch has been competition hunting this bloodline of dogs for some time now with great success. All dogs are N.K.C. registered or U.K.C. registered and slot of times are registered both ways. The breeding program is focused mainly around Kemmer and streak crosses, we find this combination makes very easy training dogs and that have the drive and desire to tree game. These dogs range in size from 35 lbs up to 45 lbs. We have all colors from brindle, black blanket black brindles, yellow blanket back brindles, red brindles, yellows, gold and reds, just about any color that a cur can be weve seen it. Mostly conformation is desired, proper size, good square heads, good feet and legs, and trainablilty. Most of these dogs are self starters, If you take the tinme to expose them to game and get them in the woods they will start. Butch has a couple litters a year most times. We never have bred a dog if we wouldnt of wanted to own the pups that we are producing, after all butch generally keeps one pup out of each litter to see how the cross works. We are located in Michigan and welcome anyone to come a look at our dogs in or out of the woods. Many of the males on this page are available to the public for stud, please feel free to contact either of us for a chance to see these great dogs or buy that next great dog. Call Butch at 810-631-6733

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