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Statement of Teaching Philosophy


Tony Shun-Ren Cheng, Ph.D.


As a professor, I believe that teaching not only just effectively and efficiently delivers skills and knowledge to students but also provides them with life-long learning abilities and attitudes so that they can be successful in their future careers and lives. Although these are not easy goals to achieve, I do believe that I will be able to accomplish them with preparedness, enthusiasm, patience, and flexibility.


I believe that one of a professor’s most import responsibilities is to help students learn how to effectively and efficiently learn and how to effectively solve problems. I accomplish this goal by utilize carefully designed homework, exams and lecture materials. I also expect that students can actively participate in classrooms’ two-way discussions. In such discussions, students can lean how to logically think problems and effective problem-solving processes.

I believe it is important to make students working in small groups on specially designed projects. Most of these projects are related to “real-world problems” so that students have to apply what they learn in the class to solve the problems. Through such teamwork processes, students not only learn how to find more information and data rather than from textbooks but also learn the capabilities of cooperation that they need to have for their careers.


Learning processes not only just happen in classrooms, but also the processes should happen anytime. I also believe that it is important for a professor to build students’ life-long learning abilities and attitudes. For achieving this goal, I encourage students explore problems from their daily lives and help them learn how to seek answers. Due to different background of the students, the way students are treated may greatly influence their performance. I openly invite students to discuss any problems with me at anytime.


I hope that my teaching efforts can really help and students grow continually. Although it needs to pay a lot of efforts to accomplish, I believe it is worth because I have always found that there is a lot of fun during teaching processes no matter in front of a large class, a small class, or a one-on-one meeting.