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Working Experience



Feb. 2003 To Present

Lunghwa University of Science and Technology, Taoyuan, Taiwan

Assistant Professor of the Dept. of Business Administration

Courses taught

Production and Operations Management

Financial Statement Analysis

Quality Management

Information Analysis Software

Information Technology for Management

Introduction to Computers

Applications of Internet  

Dec. 1999 To Jan. 2003

Solectron Corporation, Milpitas, CA, U.S.A.

System Integration Manufacturing, Project Lead, 11/2001 To 01/2003

Coordinate the implementation of a shop floor control system (Shop Floor Data Manager - SFDM) in the Shenzhen site (China) for Xerox project.

Create a simulation model (ProModel) to simulate manufacturing processes of Microsoft Xbox project in the Shenzhen site.

Help engineers design an SPC program for quality control on the floor by using SFDM.

Design and implement a first-pass-yield alarm system for ICT stations.

Design and implement interface (middleware) between testing machines and SFDM (e.g. ICT and function test interface).

Help customers and quality engineers obtain quality data for failure analysis (FA).

Develop web-based project tracking system to manage all requests related SFDM.

Software Engineer/System Analyst, 12/2000 To 10/2001

Provide technical supports for the implementation SFDM for all manufacturing buildings in the Milpitas site (USA).

Develop, implement and maintain bolt-on programs to enhance SFDM interface and production processes.

Develop, and maintain web reports for SFDM on intranet by using ASP technology.

Develop interface and middleware for SFDM and corporation ERP systems and customers’ testing systems.

Implement a manufacturing quality information system for one of customers.

Provide SFDM application and technical supports for every manufacturing building in the Milpitas site.

Provide training classes and workshops of SFDM for building key users.

Quality Assurance Engineer, 7/2000 To 11/2000

  Collect, analyze, and monitor quality data for reporting purposes.

  Delineate issues between components and processes.

  Execute qualification system to screen the incompatible parts for purchasing.

  Provide interfaces with functional owners on internal quality issues and with customer-related issues.

  Recommend and facilitate preventative/corrective actions as needed.

  Execute SPC system for manufacturing process improvement.

  Participate in internal auditing responsibilities (e.g., ISO 9001, ESD compliance).

  Ensure adherence to corporate quality standards and customer quality requirements.

  Perform failure analysis (FA) to improve process and quality.

Manufacturing Engineer, 12/1999 To 11/2000

  Coordinate the implementation SFDM in one manufacturing building.

  Develop, implement, and maintain methods to improve production and quality data collection processes by using the shop floor control system.

  Maintain records and reporting systems of the enterprise resource planning (ERP) system - BaaN.

  Develop, implement, and maintain methods, operation sequence, and processes to meet customer manufacturability, quality, and cost requirements.

  Develop and update documentation (Manufacturing process instructions, MPI’s) to establish production methodology and requirements.

  Interface with other support personnel (e.g., program managers, production controls, line supervisors) and customers to coordinate and review design changes and to resolve production problems.

  Estimate manufacturing costs, determine time standards and make recommendations for tooling and process improvement.

  Maintain records and reporting systems (e.g. ECO) for the coordination of manufacturing operations.

  Perform DFM (design for manufacturability) analysis.

  Set up a JIT delivery system for incoming packaging materials.

Apr. 1998 To Dec. 1999 SMAR Laboratories Corp., Houston, TX, U.S.A.
R&D Engineer, 4/1998 To 12/1999

  Maintain and develop man-machine interface by using MS Visual Basic and Access for clients to design ladder logic diagrams applied to the company’s products, programmable logic controllers.

  Design and develop communication functions (uploading, downloading, online monitoring, online editing, etc.) between personal computers and programmable logic controllers through Internet (TCP/Modbus).

  Design and develop Modbus address generation and registration software used as part of the object-linked-embedded (OLE) process control project.

  Design and develop an encryption/decryption system for clients’ information registration.