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index Severus Snape/Harry Potter

The Task At Hand by DementorDelta, PG-13
Summary: Challenges: A2 - Harry needs comforting after Sirius's death, B8 - Snape refuses to accept Harry for his sixth-level Potions class, even though Harry's O.W.L. was acceptable, and C2 - Snape notices the scar on Harry's hand from his detentions with Umbridge and confronts him about it.
Notes: Part of the 'Order of the Phoenix' Harry/Severus Fuh-Q-Fest. Includes the use of a very useful spell. Nicely canon Snape, too.

A Better Offer and The Unhappiest Potions Master On Earth by Diana Williams, NC-17
Summary: When life at Hogwarts becomes unbearable, Severus Snape considers a change of careers and Severus Snape and the Happiest Place on Earth? What's wrong with this picture? Everything!
Notes: Written for the the Severus Snape Fuh-q Fest.

A Bittersweet Potion and Procul His by Alchemia Dent and Bugland, R
Summary: During Harry's 5th Year at Hogworts, he receives a highly sought after Gift- but will it be more trouble than its worth? Snape (to his horror) learns he trusts Harry. Draco attracts trouble. And as usual, Dumbledore knows more than he lets on. And how is absinthe involved?
Notes: Be prepared to spend the next week asking your cat if it's Harry Potter. Funny, IC and, well, bittersweet.

A Choriambic Progression by Mairead Triste and Aristide, NC-17
Summary: Post OotP, Harry learns a lot over the summer. Includes blood magic and smut galore. Hurrah!
Notes: So canon it'll make you weep.

The Courtship of Harry Potter by Diana Williams, R
Summary: Another teacher's interest in Harry Potter forces a reluctant Snape to compete for the young man's affections.
Notes: Also Harry/OC.

Did This To Me by Telanu, NC-17
Summary: Harry is under sexual mind-control. What's going on?
Notes: Short and potent. Written for hedwig_the_owl in McTabby's Blame Someone Else challenge.

The Familiar by Resonant, NC-17
Summary: A potion goes awry.
Notes: Also read the sequel, Wellspring.

Le Lien des Beaux Rêves by Cybele, NC-17
Summary: Severus and Harry take a nap at Dumbledore’s insistence.
Notes: Post-Hogwarts.

Let All Mortal Flesh Keep Silent by Cluegirl, NC-17
Summary (mine): The war is over, and Harry's on the losing side. "And [Voldemort] smiled to Harry as if sharing a secret joke whenever he named him 'my most trusted servant.' And the spells that bound Harry helpless against the Dark Lord's will never so much as cracked."
Notes: Also Harry/Lucius, Harry/Peter Pettigrew and Harry/other. Contains BSDM, violence, slavery, breathplay, bloodplay, and character Death.

The Mirror of Maybe by Midnight Blue, NC-17
Summary (mine): Harry is sucked into a mirror world in which he lives, trains, falls in love, and defeats Voldemort before being popped back to the real world to learn that barely twenty minutes have passed.
Notes: Mirror of Maybe reads like a Pokemon episode at times, but the plot is creative, the magic is original, and the H/S bits are very good.

A Nick In Time by Tira Nog, PG-13
Summary: Cautious Snape sleeps with his wand under his pillow, with unforeseen consequences.
Notes: This made me cry--it's wonderful, wonderful, wonderful. The kid selves are very well done. Written for the Severus Snape Fuh-q Fest, scenario 12: Cautious Snape sleeps with his wand under his pillow, with unforeseen consequences....

The Pandora Complex by Nimori, NC-17
Summary: Some boxes, once opened, are hard to shut.
Notes: Funny, funny stuff!

Professor Snape's Sex 101 by Aradia, NC-17
Summary: Dumbledore has Snape teaching sex education to the fifth and sixth year boys (I heard that giggle) and Harry, confronting his feelings for the Potions master, plots a offer that Snape cannot refuse.

Shattered by Nym, NC-17
Summary: Harry is saved by Snape's sacrifice, but they each find themselves living with heavy consequences.
Notes: In which everyone is wonderfully human. Mmm, imperfection. It's tasty.

Tea series by Telanu, PG-13 - NC-17
Summary: Dumbledore has Snape in for a little chat.
Notes: An H/S standard. All parts rated PG-13 except for the fifth, A Wizard Song, which is NC-17.

Three Months by Toft, PG
Summary: Harry is dead. Then he isn't. Snape struggles to cope.
Notes: Deathfic and then not. A great portrait of Snape.

Three Uses of the Knife by Proserpina, NC-17
Summary: Ginny discovers the difference between a crush and... something else.

'Twas a Dark and Stormy Night by Eledhwen, PG
Summary (mine): "Once upon a time, in a land not very far away, there lived an orphan boy whose name was Harry."
Notes: Based on "East of the Sun, West of the Moon." Written for whitemunin's fairytale challenge.

Unnatural by Lexin & Tidmag, NC-17
Summary: Far far away, in an alternate universe, hermaphrodite Harry gets into trouble. That's not just ordinary trouble, but "trouble".
Notes: Mpreg. I’m a sucker for happy endings, and this one is fantastic.

WIP Amnesty Day fic by Telanu, R
Summary: Cliche Premise: Snape and Harry have been hit with a love-spell. Contains SeventhYear!Harry and is wildly, gloriously OOC. It starts in the middle, after they've already been zapped by the spell...
Notes: Not finished and never will be, but don't let that stop you!

Yet Another Snape Meets the Dursleys Story by rabbit, PG
Summary: Snape gets a desperate summons to Privet Drive, but he doesn't find what he's expecting to find.
Notes: Gen. Rabbit turns a cliched scenario into a clever, interesting story.

Your Horoscope For Today and Oh, Just This Once by Telanu, PG-13
Summary: The coffeemaker is broken, and Snape needs coffee. He really does. Like, he really needs...oy. What a day... and Prequel-that-was-written-later to "Horoscope"; how that unlikely union came about.
Notes: A "horoscopefic," very funny, with inspiration from How To Succeed In Business Without Really Trying, the Onion and Weird Al.

Severus Snape/Remus Lupin

The Trains by electricandroid, NC-17
Notes: Part of the Sexual Healing challenge on Pornish Pixies. “His eyes bored through the pitted Perspex, and his breath fogged up the window pane, just slightly out of synch with your own, making him seem ethereal, disconnected from your experience. He traced “Severus” on the pane, and all you could note was that he got the S’s in the wrong direction.” Guh. So in love with this.

Misanthropy, Lycanthropy, And The Pursuit Of Knowledge by Halrloprillalar, PG-13
Summary: Snape is making progress with the Wolfsbane potion, but to continue working on it he must have 24/7 access to Lupin to observe and record subtle changes.
Notes: Sweet Jesus, if this isn't one of the best Snupin stories out there! More canon than you can shake a stick at.

If He Tries Anything by Pocket Witch, PG-13
Summary: Snape decides to search for a suitable partner. He does so very systematically and unemotionally. Then, with similar cold logic, he sets out to win his man.
Notes: Short and funny.

Just One Little Change by Ferox, PG-13
Summary: Remus Lupin and a dinner of roast beef successfully conspire to get under Snape's skin. Snape finally throws both caution and one of the oldest rules in the books to the winds and gets an answer to his question.
Notes: Cute and short, with a great twist at the end. Written for challenge 21: Time-Turner Time.

Lukewarm and Mine and Out of Darkness by Juxian Tang, R/NC-17/PG-15
Summary: Lupin is surprised to find out that his accomodations at Hogwarts go with a bonus and For someone who used to be alone, it's sometimes very difficult to get used to be together and Lupin and Snape try to deal with aftermath of the events in the previous stories.
Notes: Lupin POV, post-OOTP

The Nibbling Series by Dana, R
Summary (mine): Remus and Severus have an arrangement; will it last?
Notes: Written for Venivincere's HP Post-Coital Chat Challenge.

Thirteen Ways by Sinope, R
Summary: Facets of a relationship of necessity. Too little is given and too much is wanted, but Lupin and Snape don't have the luxury of new beginnings. Post-OotP.
Notes: Mention of Remus/Sirius

The Way of the World by McKay, NC-17
Summary: After the war, Remus tells the wizarding world to sod off and goes to live as a Muggle, and three years later, Severus comes looking for him, wanting to know how to do the same thing.