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Siamese cats were first bred in the country of Siam, which is now modern day Thailand. They were not awknowledged as a breed until the 1800's when it was clearly recorded that a British General recieved one from the King of Siam as a parting gift. From then on Siamese cats became a big hit throughout the rest of the world. They were so big in Britain that there was actually a fan club created just for them. No one knows for sure when Siamese cats were first shipped to America, but in April 1909 the SCSA (Siamese Cat Society of America) was founded.

Siamese cats really really took off in the 50's and 60's when they were first featured in movies. However in the early 60's the traditional "applehead" Siamese cats, which are the kind that are bred in Thailand, were beginning to disappear here in the states due to more demand for a slimmer and sleaker Siamese cat. Thus, the modern Siamese cat was born. With its thinner and more exotic look the "modern" Siamese became a big hit on the American cat show circut.

In the mid 80's things only got worst for the Siamese cats. For it seemed like they fell off the face of the earth. They weren't being recognized anymore on the cat show circut and most breeders had just dropped them all together. Things started looking up in the early 90's however, when cat shows started poping up that only allowed "appleheaded" Siamese cats to enter and not the "modern" Siamese cat which had been dominating the competition for years. The reason for this is mainly because most breeders didn't even know about the Siamese cat history. They thought that Siamese cats had always been long and slendor. What the they didn't know was that the traditional Siamese cats had round heads and large bodies.

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